Monday, November 11, 2013

Is this what it is? (Post 1 of 2)

-Chapters are listed after introduction ~

One example of the benefits you can gain with this knowledge has to do with your overall health. Medical bills are too expensive for the people who need it most.  We can easily change the status-quo and everything as we know it with fairly BASIC knowledge coming from current research. It is pretty simple, but it is being held back intentionally. The knowledge given to us in our school system is incomplete and misguiding... Although, now we are awake and ready to live life to our full potential.

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In this blog there is over 300 pictures that tell a narrative on their own (which is why this page appears so long). I suggest not getting stuck on one section, but instead getting to the end and then coming back and reading/watching stuff you'd like to try. It will make a lot more sense and be easier that way.

If you are like me you don't have time to read on the internet. I just skim over articles and blogs, look at the headings and pictures, and then come back to read anything if it looks interesting enough. This has been going on for years, so I began to think about the bigger picture and started to save everything that added up. Finally, after thousands of hours of compiling and editing, I'd like to show you something spectacular.

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I have always told my nieces and nephews in high school and junior high that doing this will help them get better grades. Doing physical exercises in these ways to strengthen your nervous system will protect your electrical "thinking thing"(scientifically defined as the synapses of the brain and nervous system), and vastly improve your ability to concentrate and learn. This practice has many other benefits I will talk about later, but on the most basic level it will shield you from the wifi, cell phone, radio and x-ray emissions, which CAUSE negative thoughts and feelings more than most of us realize, and also CAUSE disorders and diseases within our body after long exposure. The information I bring to you in is simply an expansion of your own cosmic awareness, which will boost your energy, decrease stress and rid of anxiety, enhance strength and grow toned muscles, improve your focus, increase lung power and breath capacity, and prevent illness. You can also become more intuitive and creative in what ever passion you pursue in life.

The world is changing, and we need some new operating instructions. Life continues to accelerate, and we find ourselves at a new frontier as we realize our world is filled with more change, more danger, and less integrity than we’d ever thought possible. We’re overstimulated and maxed out. Something’s got to give. And it has. 

Watch this tumor inside someone's body completely vanish in under 3 minutes! We are the Temple of the living God! Every religion has told us this, and also that the key to doing it is Love and Celestial Energy.

These "Love Healers" simply grow within themselves an awareness of Earth and Sun energy that modern science is now beginning to understand. That is what I'm here to talk about, and why I know it will work for everyone. I have westernized their teachings and found supporting evidence that allows our consciousness to expand in leaps and bounds. It is very exciting! You should be excited about being alive right now because so much is progressing exponentially, including the human organism.
A few decades ago John Chang (aka Dynamo Jack) told the visiting camera crew all about the miracles of his Earth and Sun meditations. It has to do with Sacred Geometry, vortexes, celestial energy fountains/wheels.
This guy even pushes and pulls a bucket of water!!

Energy Healing, or better described as Love Healing, is much easier than you have been led to believe by our western society's constraining beliefs. Although you have to want it! You have to love yourself and the Universe to your full potential! You have to practice daily. You have to be peaceful and constructive. Helpful and humble. If you aren't there already, don't worry, this information will change you from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

The first few weeks your nervous system needs to build, like a muscle. So you won't notice anything until you reach a certain nerve fiber density and activation. In this first phase the exercises might seem a little weird, since you won't feel much at first, but that is okay! It will unfold quickly. Did you know you have about 43 miles of nerves inside of you! You have a lot of muscle fiber too, yeah? But it doesn't do much unless you work it out consistently!

Even if you don’t relate to consciousness, science, or body sculpting you can still relate to this ~ we need change!  This is easy, and the potential is limitless!

The Power of Imagination

This information has many uses, some you are familiar with and some that are amazing and new. One example is how Qi Gong masters are lighting things on fire with vibration! I don't know about you but I thought bending a spoon with my mind would be cool. Then I started to think about the infinite potential, for example I could grow a garden, and use energy work to make the fruiting system unfold faster so I could eat raw organic food all day every day! I never would have guessed how simple their methods are, they are basically modified versions of yoga that incorporate celestial energy knowledge and simple physical resensitization. Knowing these simple truths would simply improve your regular yoga routine, and shockingly you can feel progress, progress that feels like you will be able to light things on fire with vibration. It literally feels electric, a pleasant tingle, like your hands are "asleep" expect in a very amazing, controlled way! 

This will also help you master you emotions! Emotions are electromagnetic particles being released (hormones and neurotransmitters). Feeling good gives your thoughts electromagnetic substance, so they can electromagnetically pull the Universe in certain ways. You can project this into your environment to get positive reactions out of people you meet. 

The people who are unconscious of this celestial energy information might think feeling good all the time is difficult, but it is easier to feel good when your brain is strong enough to not be interfered with by the electromagnetic smog being given off by our electronic devices. If you think being sad, forgetful, empty-headed or emotionally depressed is just who you are, well you are SO wrong! Strengthen your electrical systems and your brain will 
cooperate a whole lot better, making your life much easier and more joyful. I'm only talking about the brain here because it is the hardest to master, the benefits for your body and health are huge also!

We each have much more power to create our lives than we ever imagined. For example, who do you think would get 6-pack abs quicker, the person who is blasting their abdominal muscles with 30+ Watts from their nervous system, or the one who is absent minded and not in control of all the energy meridians in their muscles?

The underlying principles I'm about to teach you are applicable to any practice, from jock to nerd.

I now go to the gym only 1/3 of what I used to because these simple tricks boosted my results like never before. This December and beginning of January I did only home workout routines, and wow, being LightActive really does maximize muscle growth with less effort, because you use more energy, and the best part is its not even hard, its effortless to pull energy from your environment your body can use. I've never had better tone, size and proportion in my muscles and I'm even well on my way to the first perfect 6-pack abs of my life, I seriously thought it was just my genetics, I thought my abs weren't shaped like that. I was totally wrong, everyone can do this, and everything else "masters" are doing! 90% of your DNA is made to transmit energy, only 10% codes for your physical body. It doesn't take a master to do yoga. 

What is more powerful than trillions of stars, black holes, quasars, magnetars and pulsars?? Nothing. Our heavenly father is the one true source of light. If Jesus Christ's consciousness was a very high level of consciousness, then wouldn't the antichrist be unconsciousness! And Christ was an energetic love healer, so the antichrist would be the opposite of that - negativity, and also extreme reliance on technology. The mark of the beast prophecy is the RFID chip and other technology inserted into your hand and brain. Basically if you don't take time to create a natural, loving connection with your higher self and all the radiant celestial energy then you are participating in the antichrist system, don't fret though, all of Earth will soon be welcomed back into the Celestial Kingdom. 

The Universe has coherence - there is amazing harmony in the layered energy systems that are capable of manifesting this "physical reality". Chaotic energy systems have no manifestation power here, so the power to create in this reality cannot be used for evil! It simply won't work unless your vibration and intention are harmonic with celestial nature. The evil is literally only in our heads.

Don't think of it as good vs. evil, think of it as flow vs. blockages - and we create our own blockages! You must learn to open up to the Celestial flow. Earth and her history have left us all we need to know. With this information compiled here, it will be easy to show you my case and point, mostly with pictures. This blog is awesome because you won't be getting lost in pointless information seeking all of these secrets and answers for yourself. 

Now, remember this beginner routine is still extremely important and unbelievably effective. It is quick, simple, and requires no prior experience or knowledge. This will condition your nervous system to become highly energetic and powerful.  

Physical exercise #1 - 

Resensitizing your nervous system Part 1 (energy washing) - 

Part 2 (Tension exercise) You should do this immediately after energy washing and during any other free time throughout the day - 

Part 3 (Kundalini yoga exercise) You should do this immediately after the tension exercise and during any other free time throughout the day - 

Part 4 (Advanced variation of energy washing) -
 This is how you start to teach your body to project energy out around your body to heal, move things and light things on fire. It is all about intention, but feeling the flow of energy and not just imagining it is very necessary, so do this after you've been doing the other 3 exercises for a few weeks or more! Your DNA really can do anything you put your mind to.  So try to project and heal/power yourself up when doing this exercise. Fill yourself with white/silver plasmatic Light from the Celestial Love Source (as you inhale deeply, specific breathing techniques given later), then recycle it into the Earth with each exhale, each time increasing, ramping up the bio-photon waves in your body. 

If you don't feel like trying anything I have to offer in the end, that is okay, it is still extremely important to know this exists. Just looking at the pictures will allow your subconscious to emerge in these ways and integrate with your consciousness when the time is right. At the very least just be glad that someone like me is here. In fact, there are millions spanning the globe. We will show you that its time to wake up now. There will be change regardless of how damaged your physical body is or low in life you are right now. Our DNA is 90% quantum (transmitting and connecting to energy), only about 10% of our DNA codes create our physical body. The changes taking place in your body will feel so natural and simple. 

-Intro to Energy
-The Science Behind It
-Conscious Energy Raising Activities 
-The re-sensitization routine
-Ancient Chinese Warm Ups and Energy Work Outs
-Deep Breathing (Shamanic Holotropic Breathing)
-Your Energy Reservoirs
-Your Energy Meridians
-Feeling Yin and Yang Energy (Earth Gravitons and Sun Photons)
-The Flower of Life - Ancient Science Behind All This
-The Flower of Life & Your Body
-Sacred Proportion & Sacred Geometry ~ It's Everywhere!
-Using Sacred Geometry & Your Pineal Gland
-Master Meditations
-An Energy Body Shield
-Fusing Yin and Yang (Energy Fusion)
-Other Forces at Work
-Sun Anomalies 
-Healing Circles
-Healing the sick
-Extra Self Healing Tips
-Tantric Meditation 
-The Corrupt Government 
-Our Reality - Energetic, Holotropic & Psychadelic 
-About the Author
-Some Extra Wisdom

 - The combined work of Asian Energy Work masters over the past 2000 years -  Mantak Chia, Lam Kam Chuen, Andrew Jan, Sifu Perhacs, Wu Yu-Hsiang, John Chang, Yang Lu-Chan, Wang Tsung-Yueh, Chen Wang-Ting, Master Jiang, Chen Man-Ching, Chen Xiao-Wang, and Sifu Yeung. 

A while ago I seen a youtube video of 'John Chang' lighting things on fire and healing so I wanted to know how. I've found a ton of videos and books about this and now I have all the information necessary here for you! Qigong is one of my favorite practices, even more so than yoga!

My sister actually is a certified teacher at my local gym and teaches yoga, zumba, body pump, 
body combat, and spin, so I've done a lot of different workout routines. She usually teaches 9 classes a week. I've also been to a variety of yoga classes from the other teachers at the gym, and other local yoga studios too, and I've tried a bunch of online yoga videos. Energy work is by far my favorite, doing yoga or cardio makes you feel good, but energy work is easier and leaves you feeling great, and more energized even on days when you aren't practicing. No matter what other routines I do on any other day I always do energy work.

-Sacred knowledge rediscovered by: Drunvalo Melchizidek, Don Tolman, Gerald O'Donnell, Graham Hancock, David Wilcock, Kryon, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Edward Cayce, Franz Bardon, St. Germain, Maureen J, David Icke, Nancy Lieder and also the combined work of the Chippewa Bear tribe of Washington.

-The Emerald Tablets written by Hermes the Love God of ancient Greece (Issac Newton, the father of physics, also translated these hundreds of years ago)
I read them all online twice and then bought a printed book. I noticed a huge increase in my guidance each time I read them. The language and wording is almost like that in the bible, written in a way that translates into what we would probably call Old English, so after getting the whole picture you realize more details reading them a second time. They aren't very long at all, just very mystical. Very interesting historical tablets indeed! There isn't anything else about them in this blog, but I highly suggest this be the first thing you read after finishing this blog.

-Books regarding the law of attraction such as The Secret, and books by authors such as Joe Vitale, Rhonda Byrne, and Brenda Anderson. I didn't like these very much compared to the rest. I wanted methods along with my answers. The Flower of Life is the key. 

-And so many more websites and youtube videos over the last 4 years that I can't even begin to list them all.

I highly suggest you at least go over this blog post once or twice, but for ease of access here are all my audio exercises, which are explained below. There is 30 minutes of stuff, some for beginners and some more advanced, 2-7 minutes each.  Some are for relaxing and are best at night, some are ecstatic and best in the mornings. All will give you energy and help you find states of bliss which you can carry with you throughout the day. 

It isn't about the exercises, its about turning every day into a meditation full of awareness. This new energy will raise your confidence and make you more capable of opening yourself to new experiences 
every day and tuning in to everyone you meet. You will love the new found beauty and get along with life better. This is a huge boost for what ever you are currently doing, whether it is work related or spiritual practice, your life will surely change for the best.

Intro to Energy:
It is easy to connect your pulsing cells and energy meridians to the flow of energy in our Earth and Sun. You can quickly discover the quantum field of possibility organically for yourself. This blog is all about the mind-body-celestial connection. When I say celestial I actually mean natural, kinetic, electromagnetic, multidimensional, plasmatic energy ~  I'm talking about the earth, stars, galaxies, and the constant flow of highly energetic particles. Some of which are too small for us to discover, nevertheless those particles are one conscious system doing its job. A huge flow is bombarding us constantly – the Sun is traveling at around 134 miles per second with Earth in tow!

Understanding these fields is a fundamental and powerful truth of nature. Even if you’re not aware of it, you’ve most likely experienced this connection in the Field that transcends time and space. Such as knowing something is wrong before someone says a word, or thinking about someone and minutes later they call. Homes and businesses have energy fields too, you can feel it the moment you walk in the door. 

You also feel energy in music. As the research on the Mozart Effect has proven, our brain functions differently depending on the music we hear. 

In Japan Dr. Masaru Emoto has demonstrated that water changes its crystalline form when researchers change their thoughts or expose the water to various types of music and prayers:
 Take note of this for later, this is called Sacred GeometryNever heard of it? Well you're about to see how spectacular our Universe REALLY is!

This is showing up in other scientific fields of study as well!

Besides revealing the underlying form (Sacred Geometry) of our Universe, this water experiment shows that vibrations (thoughts, words and intentions) affect everything. I will explain more about Sacred Geometry later. Sacred Geometry is a very significant part of your body and I will visually show you exactly what that means.

Did you know that stars are close to nothing compared to the masses of unseen particles such as "Gravitons", "Photons", "Electrons, "Aetherons" and "Antimatter". Imagine the ocean of Divine Energy from which the stars came out of, if stars are only 0.4% of Creation. This Dimension we exist in, that we call "Space", is huge and seemingly infinite when viewed with the Hubble Space Telescope. The energy driving the entire system is beyond magnificent, and we can feel a much larger percent of this energy than we can see.  Each energy source feels slightly different - Gravitons feel and behave different than Photons, and Electrons even feel different than Photons - every flow of particles feels unique ~ Later on I will explain more about the two biggest energy sources nearest to us (Mother Earth and Father Sun).

Dark Energy is energy we cannot see because the wavelength is too great.
All wavelengths are "Light" in a more or less condensed form:

You must know "Light" has only one Source, yet it has such a vast meaning. This electromagnetic energy has multiple dimensions because all its layers are tuned to different frequencies, like radio stations. Everything is connected, a soup of holographic consciousness, with thoughts, with an electrical grid, with a desire to learn, a mission, and Unconditional Love for its creations that create to learn and grow. We all helped create the Universe a long time ago, but accidents happen, things change one way or another. So here we are in these extremely limited human biological spacesuits. There are no mistakes that won't be forgiven if you are just willing to learn - this Love is energetic, it has electromagnetic substance and is extremely resonant, it is the power behind creation, the power of procreation and manifestation, it is the Great Spirit, the Holy Ghost... don't call it anything! Just feel it! The power of the soul is not lost in human form. 

These vibrations have substance, they interact with what we perceive as solid, 
but nothing is solid, so vibrations are very powerful. 

Your body also has the potential to become a superconductor, 
and create vibrations that can levitate.

For too long we have been looking in the wrong direction: observing the physical reality with machines. It isn't physical at all. Nothing is physical. Stars, planets and black holes are all electromagnetic expressions of consciousness. So is DNA, atoms, cells and all the ever-improving animals. New science shows everything is reducible to holographic waveforms which are manifested by consciousness. Consciousness is all that is. Your experience can change in the blink of an eye.

Do you not believe that you are a holographic projection of vibrations? Take a journey down into our DNA in this video and realize that not only are you hollow, but also the code of you is constantly being written based on what you feel and believe. Our DNA is re-written every two months. We are creators because our DNA allows anything we put our emotions into to become our reality. The possibilities are literally endless, but you must consciously choose to start somewhere. That is here and now. 

These next 365 days are going to change your life!

Learning how to connect your DNA to these universal energy grids effects us in extremely positive ways - your mind, body and spirit will soar to new heightsThis form of "energy training" is simply done while standing still in various upright, yoga-like positions while breathing in certain ways.

Our electric thoughts and electromagnetic emotions can be powerful beyond belief. The heart deserves its own little chapter so I'll get to that after I go over some other interesting discoveries.

Another interesting piece of energetic information came from a doctor who weighed patients who were dying of disease. He found a loss of 21 grams as the soul left.
The rest of our body is a vibrating electromagnetic machine powered by the DNA's connection to consciousness through these 21 grams of Light. Our DNA is run on Light, which can vary from person to person, so maybe 21 grams is low throttle. I'm unsure of the voltage of our heart, brain, nervous system and other organs, but these can become very strong and resonant very quick. 

My mind was blown when simple exercises felt so powerful to someone as unexperienced and desensitized as I was. Enlightenment doesn't necessarily require technique. Techniques serve as a tool to quiet your mind and allow you to connect to your spirit without the chatter. I will show you how to quickly get your nerve fiber and organs resensitized and ready to easily accept this new energy we are about to experience. 

We usually think that meditation is when we close our eyes and go within, which ultimately leads us to peace with the Universe. This is one way, but not the only way, and not the best way! I'm A.D.H.D and have a hard time sitting still for long periods of time, so I've found a more active, guided approach to meditation and spiritual growth. What if Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder was actually something more profound happening within our children...

Using these breathing and resensitization exercises you can learn to concentrate energy anywhere, in your body to empower cells to heal, prevent agingmove faster, have more strength and more endurance, and you will also be able to do things with it in the environment around you, for example projecting energy to prevent or encourage animals to come toward you.

These energy centers and source channels, that you are capable of activating, feel awesome and have lasting effects on your moodenergy level, and mental clarity. When you practice this enough it becomes locked into the molecular memory of your cells and greatly improves quality of consciousness.

The best beginner video on Energy Healing:
(a.k.a - Qigong or Energy Work)

The Science Behind It: 

I'm going to make this quick. Quantum physics was
 discovered about 100 years ago and was just as shocking to the scientists then as it is now. I'm sure the recipients of atomic warheads and nuclear power plants weren't nearly as shocked as the government agencies running their secret tests. Nikola Tesla's work tells a bigger story about what could have been possible. A magnificent "Jetson" like reality would closer to us today if his work wasn't destroyed by corrupt bankers. Even if the modern day inventors Jaque Fresco the engineer/architect and the computer genius Stephen Wolfram teamed up we could have saved this sinking ship, but our leaders don't intend to listen.

Tesla invented the first radio, radar, laser and he even had a car that ran on free energy. His tower was able to broadcast the free electrons created by rushing water in aquifers in the ground below to power a modified car's engine. This other website also talks about other types of free energy cars.
Imagine if everyone had free energy that was pulled out of the electromagnetic field. All cars, planes, computers, cellphones and everything else could be running on this "Zero Point" scalar energy for free. Besides the free energy devices that have been on the horizon for a century, we have also come to a crossroads where a whole new socio-economic system is more than ready to emerge! We have the technology to make everything free and miraculous. Cities, houses and transportation of the future.

The universe is a combination of electromagnetic fields being projected from the Earth, Sun and our DNA. We don't understand it enough to recreate anything as complex as a grid of vibrating particles appearing solid, but we are deeply and directly connected to the subconscious, so re-creating it with machines isn't necessary to perform miracles. The Earth and Sun are our "batteries" (main energy sources) when manifesting energy systems with our consciousness (Qigong), but they give off very different energies obviously. Nikola Tesla (much more later about this amazing man) showed us that the Earth is pretty much like a small metal magnetic ball. We now know this electromagnetic celestial resonance is similar for our bodies too.  If you have never been introduced to quantum physics then this short video is a great place to start.

Or this one is great to watch and covers many subjects relating to this blog.
This video is a compilation of the main discoveries of many recent videos. You should watch this after finishing the blog. Some of the sources include:
The Thrive Movement
The Keshe Foundation (A Modern Free Energy Foundation)
Drunvalo Melchizidek
Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan
Benoit Mandelbrot (TED Talks)
Stephen Wolfram (TED Talks)
Garrett Lisi (TED Talks) <- NASA's Sun Website
Adrian Nelson
Chemlin Productions
and more!

The quantum field has been revealing aspects of itself to many scientists in every modern field of study, but this isn't "New Age" at all, this is the most ancient knowledge ever discovered on Earth!

 The implications of this interconnectedness are stunning, and we don’t need to understand all the scientific studies to experience it and reap its benefits. It’s a lot like the Internet. I can send an email from the middle of a mountain range on my cell and a friend can receive it moments later. We don’t have to know exactly how this works to enjoy the advantages of this new tool, nonetheless the simple secrets I’ve came to share will help you make huge breakthroughs. What we are really talking about with the quantum field is possibility. How creative are you? Think of the quantum field as all possibility and potential, which you can consciously access – if you know how. Anyone who studies quantum physics knows that your thoughts connect you to this field of possibility. In the most basic practice, just focus on “playing the quantum field” by using  intention and emotion to create your choice. What ever it is you feel, you will create and get back in this universe. If you are often feeling anxious and negative then this is especially for you. 

Thoughts are electricity, and hormones have electromagnetic fields. I went to the gym with my sister a few nights ago and I could see a blue, unorganized electromagnetic aura in the aether, and nobody was really there but us. My guidance immediately told me it was her hormones. I chuckled out loud, I had never seen hormone electromagnetic fields before, I'd felt them, but never were they so clearly visible. I told her what I was seeing and she said, "Thats so crazy! I got my birth control shot yesterday, which is pure progesterone." Things are getting very interesting having spectral eyes! How is this possible? That is what you are here to find out! 

Conscious Energy Raising Activities:
(Kundalini Yoga, Qi Gong, body sculpting, chi running, Tai Chi etc.)

All in all, just put passion into something creative daily, whether its energy training, yoga, sculpting your body/mind connection with weights, chi running, painting, dancing to music, drumming rhythms, poetry, rhyme writing and reciting, or what ever it is you can let your complete focus dive into. You need to teach yourself to create a completely ecstatic moment in the NOW. 

Here is a spectacular yoga video for those who just want to raise their vibration doing yoga:

However, Qi Gong (pronounced chi gong), also known as Chi Kung, is a very unique practice. In many ways it is not like yoga or Tai Chi. It consists of warm ups, power poses, and movements that get your energy channels open and flowing. These exercises are designed to develop your ability to move energy in and around your body, so the most important part in the beginning is resensitizing your nervous system. After that you will learn to bring in the vibrations of the Earth and Sun then send it into your environment. Deep breathing is also extremely important - these poses look simple, and they can be, it is your job to make them intense by breathing intense while aligning your body correctly and holding everything tensely in that power pose as long as you can. 

This shifting of your consciousness to include your body's energy systems will really help you understand life on a spiritual level. 

For now just remember all masters agree that you cannot connect to the Sun's electromagnetic grid without first getting to know and going through the Earth's electromagnetic grid. The Earth has a very soft feeling electromagnetic grid and flow of Gravitons. The Sun's systems of waves and particles are intense. I will explain Earth and Sun energies more later, along with how you should ground yourself and create energy channels.

I think this is a must watch:

The re-sensitization routine is simple

By doing this once a day for a week you can learn to feel the difference between the energies coming from the Earth and Sun. If you don’t want to do anything more than this right now that is okay because opening your electromagnetic body up to the Universe in this way is the most important first step you can take.

Obviously a little open minded thinking is necessary at first - but your brain will quickly get the hints and start looking at things more openly. Then the exercises become about feeling instead of thinking, and will ultimately lead to connecting you with your own Divine inner guidance, bringing in a feeling of unconditional Love for what you have uncovered. Each person will have a customized path because of personal inner guidance - but only if they open their mind to the first few steps will this connection ever emerge.

A 5-30 minute daily routine can allow you to tangibly feel the power accessible in The One Reality within 1-2 weeks. You don't even have to think about how you will meditate each day, because the audio exercises take the mystery out of what you should be doing.

Intro to deep breathing: Start out by dividing your inhales and exhales into an equal number of short breathes. To warm up do 4 breaths on the inhale and 4 on the exhale, and do this about 8 times in a row. Then do more breaths once warmed up - after doing 4 breaths on the inhale/exhale, go to 6. This 6 breath inhale/exhale feels the best to me, but still take it up to 8, 10 & 12 breaths and beyond, really push yourself, and then come back and end with 6 breaths and then 4 breaths again. 

*There is another whole chapter just on deep breathing after this.

Note: While doing the following exercises deep breathing is necessary, but it is easiest to just use the 4 inhale/exhale deep breath.

1. Light Stretching I will provide many Qi Gong stretching techniques that will open your channels. Start gently stretching and loosening up your muscles and joints. No maximum stretching unless your body is sweating. Spend about 3-5 minutes on this exercise. 

2. Light Slapping Exercise - All masters agree this is very important, especially in the morning! Gently slap all of your body surface areas with the palms of your hands, concentrating especially around the inside of each elbow, back of each knee, kidney area, up and down each armpit, and on your thymus area (refer to Chi Chart for locations). By slapping lightly on each of these areas you will stimulate your nerve fibers so they are prepared for energy flow. Spend 60-90 seconds on this exercise. 

3. Energy Washing - Video near the top^.

You should learn to like doing this exercise regularly. Do it at least for a few minutes when you wake up and before you go to bed. If you have a habit of sitting around watching TV you should do this during commercial breaks or through the whole show. Its very effective if you do it in a sauna or steam-room. Daily practice will greatly increase your Chi by making your nerve fibers bigger, stronger and more dense throughout your body. This helps your body maintain a stronger electromagnetic field, which effects how you think and feel. You also won’t get sick as often. Spend 3-5 mins on this exercise. 

4. Provided Exercises - I've already told you about the tension Exercise and Advanced Energy washing, but I will also provide other Qi Gong exercises/poses which you should do after you master deep breathing and the tension exercise.

5. Energy Washing - Finish up your exercise routine by performing the Energy Washing again for a few more minutes. Go around the body 8 more times at least.

It is recommended to do two of these beginner routines daily: an intense one in the morning (focus on Sun’s electricity), and a relaxing one at night (Earth’s magnetism). I will talk more about Earth/Sun energy later.

Youtube channel:

Other Chi workouts you can do:

Breath of Fire
This is a great warm up to do after the tension exercise.
The breath of fire should be done panting like a dog at first, tongue hanging out, breathing from the belly with the arms up in a Y, while sitting down. After you are panting and get the hang of it close your mouth and breath just through your nose. It is a very fast but deep breathing exercise for about two minutes, or as long as you can go.

Relaxation, Organ Balancing:
For anyone who needs extra internal healing because of organ failure or disease I suggest this:
Do it along with the tension exercise described above (and with energy washing).

The Organ Balancing audio isn't necessary if you know what you are doing. To make it simple just say "heal" as you send energy to each organ from the Earth, to your heart, and down your arm out your hand into your organ. Do this 4 to 11 times on each organ (use the same number for every organ throughout your session).

Organ balancing will help prevent disease, heal organs that have been damaged, and give you an overall higher energy level (without the need for caffeine). I've also noticed that when I do organ balancing before I go to bed I do not need as many hours of sleep!

Qi Gong Warm ups Not all of these are necessary. Choose the ones that work best with your body. Go slow at first, and don't overstretch or force anything, especially if you have an injury. The one thing all masters recommend in the morning before any of this is the light slapping exercise (to get all your nerve fiber turned on).

Qi Gong Energy Work Warm Ups-
As you breath in deep (and your hand comes up), feel the soft Earth energy going up your back, then exhale (as your hand goes down) and feel the energy going down your front.

As you inhale pull energy into your heart chakra and your hands, then as you exhale move your hands out and push the energy in both directions:

Qi Gong Power Poses -

About half way through this video this monk explains important insights 
(which I will talk about in more detail after this section).

This prophecy is actually found in every advanced ancient civilization. The Hopi's had seen visions of the path Mother Earth must walk, so they didn't fight the invading white men. This process, this transition to a natural and true spiritual path, is a sure thing for Earth's near future so the Hopi's were peaceful and passive, never afraid.

Crystal skydecks, flowing trees.
Beach nearby, ocean breeze.
First see the world healed,
then we will retreat.
Work to do still,
worth it for you 
& Every Living Being. 
Sky above me, Earth beneath my feet.
Loving, birds singing, high dives from tall trees.
Loving, sky dancing, Celestial Kingdom within me.
Loving, deep breathing, in the name of Heavenly Father it shall be.

Sit my love, and I will show you the keys

Deep Breathing:
Deep-breathing, which Tao masters call Qi Gong (pronounced chi gong), is considered a spiritual art because it increases the energy level in the body. It adds body chemicals from your glands, as well as more fully oxygenating the blood, giving all cells an extra measure of power.

Qi Gong is like yoga combined with more focus on breathing in certain ways. Deep breathing in rhythms is also known as holotropic breathing or shamanic breathing. This alone, not including your mind set to celestial energy absorption, makes you feel good because of the oxygen increase in your blood, and is actually a very effective natural way to increase hormone and neurotransmitter secretion.

Besides your nervous system and DNA energy fields producing Chi energy, the movement of the blood cells going through your body generates energy. Electrical energy and heat are generated by the dynamic action of the blood cells as they rotate and speed in orbit throughout your body. Deep-breathing and muscle tension supercharges this.

Blood vessels in your head and body:

Deep breathing exercises are much like riding a bike. You can read about it all you want, but you have to commit to it and try it to understand the feeling of the physics involved.

Deep Breathing Exercise
Start out by dividing your inhales and exhales into an equal number of short breathes. To warm up do 4 breaths on the inhale and 4 on the exhale, and do this about 8 times in a row. Then do longer breaths once warmed up - after doing 4 go to 6. This 6 breath inhale/exhale feels the best for me, but take it up to 8, 10 & 12 breaths and beyond, really push yourself, and then come back and end with 6 breaths and then 4 breaths again.

Forced, vocal, deep breaths, along with strongly tensing your muscles in a wave from your toes up through your entire body can increase strength, build your protective shield, and power your strikes in battle.

Exhaling the waste products, which your blood has carried to your lungs, is as important as inhaling the oxygen. Energy Power practice should be performed in an oxygen-rich atmosphere with few air pollutants. If you are indoors, you should have live plants in the room (especially the sleeping room) because the plants produce oxygen and filter the air of other toxins.
Without air, you die in minutes.
Although it´s easy enough for me to say “if you don´t have air, you´ll die” but it´s not just air that you need. Its electrified air that your body can actually use. Moving air is electrified air, the more it moves the more it becomes electrified.
Conversely, stagnate air is electrically dead air and at this point, it becomes useless to the body.
There are documented cases of miners underground drilling into a new cavity and the first thing they wanted to do was go check it out. Within minutes they suffocated. There was air passing in and out of their lungs but it was not electrified. It was stale and hadn´t moved since it had been trapped.
This one may sound redundant but you wouldn´t believe the number of people who work in an office with no windows all day and wonder why they feel lethargic, fatigued and demotivated and they are clueless to why they feel this way.

The air they are breathing is stale, dead, and lifeless. It is barely moving.
Air is the greatest source of electricity for human beings, well, air combine with holotropic breathing. The more freshmoving air we breathe, the more energy we will have and the more our lung tubes will love us. They are getting a clean, fresh breath of Living Air. So basically just crack a window and open some doors if you can't be outside. I highly recommend a couple of plants in the room you sleep in and work out in. I suggest make one yin and one yang, set a crystal in each one, plants love the energy matrix created by a crystal! Test it yourself. I did during the winter when my plants were looking sad. I took them away from the window and put quartz in them and within a week they were completely healed and looking happy! Quartz points are cheap and very effective, because quartz is fossilized water. I will talk about quartz more later and show you some pictures of crystalline caves.

If your city has bad air quality maybe you should think about this: When air is electrolyzed the oxygen is freed up for you to breathe. The Earth's ionosphere can electrolyze and purify air currents during high geo-electric storms. Energy workers should take note of this, because "as above, so below". If you are actively channeling energy into the environment around you then the air around you is going to be electrolyzed and the heavy pollutants will fall to the ground around you so the oxygen is free. At first you may need to add some intention and harmony to the energy, but if you program your energybody enough it will just do it. You can also electrolyze and purify the air in your home with an ion fan or ionic salt candle holder.
Not only can we improve our health and energy by ensuring that we immerse ourselves in electrified air, we can also use our lungs and breathe in a way that´s for our own best benefit. Deeper, longer, slower breathing has the power to change our emotional state.
By not allowing electrified air to the largest part of our lungs (the base), we can only access shallow breathing which has a tendency to unbalance our emotions. By using our entire lungs, deep breathing will stabilize feelings of depression, anger, stress, hyperactivity and clean the plaque that will build up in the largest part of our lungs. Eventually that stuff has to come out! It´s a habit of mine to take 6 deep, long, slow breaths outside in the moving air when I wake in the morning to kick start my day with the first principle of health and self-care. I could go on and on about air but change is all about doing a few things until they can become habit so you can take on a few more things. Here are the applications of self-care in relation to Air as I have said above and couple of extras that are keys to dis-ease free, vibrant and healthy living.
  1. Ensure you breathe fresh, moving air every day, the more, the better.
  2. Breathe deeply during the day. Make it a habit to take 5 full deep, slow, long breaths outside when you wake in the morning.
  3. Keep your windows open, in your house, in your office and in your car!
  4. Buy some plants!
Remember: Life is Movement! So getting outside in the moving electrified air energizes your body and cleans your skin and lung tubes!

How the electromagnetic atomic field relates to our physical body:

Tri-ality!! We will see more of this tri-ality later in another concept. It's important to know that pyramids are not just strong structurally. They also have specific energy attributes. 

It is important to integrate your energy flow into the triangulated form of tendons and ligament. A relaxed yet properly aligned skeletal structure is crucial. 

Focusing on this form really helps me while lifting weights and running. I can pull energy through my body and really use it to make my muscles stronger and have more stamina. I'll explain how to use this for weight training later.

You should also focus on these formations while you do the tension exercise - form all these triangles from toe to head as the muscle groups they are attached to are flexed.

Working with geometry is a very peculiar thing. 

The 2-D and 3-D layers of our energy body function as an energy lattice. Basically like invisible metal structures that can conduct electricity. Also later I'll show you how some of the 3-D layers spin like a vortex.

All of these methods are right brain technology (Feminine aspect of our reality). As apposed to left brain technology such as complex machines or hand tools (Masculine aspect of reality). We can develop left brain technology that can greatly enhance our ability to work with the feminine aspect of reality, but as of right now its only in the beginning stages ~ such as the newer game where you put a small electromagnetic helmet on and then use your brain waves to move a ball. The good news is we don't need artificial help to work with electromagnetic fields using our brain and heart ~ just learn to use your natural ability. 

Energy reservoirs:  
Your largest energy reservoirs are your bladder, heart and brain. They are all different parts of the same system; they can be charged the same but have different functions. By activating and meditating on these you will begin to feel different, your mind will become more integrated into feeling the energy. The integrated mind goes somewhere with intention to move energy and the Chi will follow.

The bladder and belly's internal organs are apart of the "functional channel" which stores and supplies the energy for release, the brain and spine are the "governor channel" to control the energy with intent, and the heart allows for connection and energy to be pulled from the Cosmic Source of All Light.

Again, your intentions must be in harmony with nature. You must tune in and ask these three questions before doing anything extreme, like healing a client or co-creating with the will of mother Earth. ~ 
1: Can I?
2: May I?
3: Am I ready?

It is also important to know how to "collapse into" your upper heart chakra. Breathe to and from it, feeling the softness with your mind, pulling energy into it and sending it down to connect with earth's core. This is the point where Chi should be concentrated and used to manifest things, especially when the energy grid turns on.
The lower heart chakra is the "sacred space" that is connected to Earth's energy.
The upper heart chakra is the "small space", your singularity quantumly connected to source, entangled in the holy energy which created us.

You can either:
Pull energy out of the small space. So close, yet deep & vast like an ocean.
You can also pull energy from the Sun and Earth. Or our Heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost will work with you!  What is important is that the conscious conduit is mentally and emotionally established. 

Just breath it all in to your physical body, using the whole nervous system... Feel the soft pressure and condense it into your energy reservoirs like blowing up a balloon.
Just breath it all in to your physical body, using the whole nervous system... Feel the soft pressure and condense it into your energy reservoirs like blowing up a balloon.

Using Your Nervous System's Energy Meridians:

What I'm about to teach you about Chi focus, breathing, and ankhing can be added to any other physical activity. For example if you are lifting weights deep breathing is obvious, but if you can "ankh" and send the energy to the muscle you are building you will have noticeably more strength and endurance. 
Use these meridian points to focus energy in the muscle groups you are working out! Also incorporate the alignment of triangles that are shown in "How the Field relates to your physical body" to make sure your form is at its best. And if you can do the 2-part ankh breath before sending the earth energy to your muscles, in-between each rep, then you will be getting the best workout with the least pain (I will explain ankhing later). Try doing as many reps as you can normal, then ankh to get as many more up as you can, you will be amazed! I will do reps until I cannot anymore, then I ankh and can easily do 2-7 more depending on the weight.
Your brain and body is divided into masculine and feminine and this applies to the energy as well. One half of your Chi is Yin and the other is Yang. I will explain the importance of this in detail in the "Yin and Yang" section below. You must understand that without a conditioned nervous system you will not have enough energy moving to even feel the mildly electric sensations. Simply feeling this, even if you aren't capable of telekinesis, is very important to your evolution. 

If you think your mind wanders too much to get a good meditation, it may be easier to focus your mind on something simple - your breathing. 

1. For beginners who cannot feel Chi: This introduction exercise will help you realize where the distractions are coming from. Count each breath up to ten and back down (breathe in: 1, out: 2, in: 3... etc.).  If any thoughts come up before finishing, you need to realize what is causing the thought, then start over. Do this until you can do the full 20 seconds. Breath deep and slow as possible. Your abdominal muscles should expand as you imagine you Chi point filling; then your middle lungs, upper lungs, and your sinuses/brain. 

The location of your Chi point is so the electrons generated in your body will be carried down with the momentum of the breath and pass through the massive blood supply in your abdominal area, picking up extra free electrons. Your actual breath extends only to the bottom of your lungs but the electrical energy force can be directed to any part of your body. 

2. Now if you can already feel Chi because you have been doing a good, consistent resensitization routine: it is better to place your attention on the route of the energy and feel it as it crawls up your legs and fills your Chi point, then travels up your spine to your heart and head, to be used, by either sending out, down your arms, or to your brain/pineal gland.

Note: While doing these warm ups always make the intention to send the energy out with the momentum of your long, deep exhale. Don't leave it in your channels/reservoirs. There are a few things I will teach you to do with it, but the easiest thing is to send it back down your legs deep into the Earth, which will form a beneficial energy channel I'll talk about later. 


Once you are able to move chi in your body, do these chi movements while standing in the Qigong power poses. Deep inhale pulls energy from Earth into the reservoir, long exhale sends it back into the Earth.
Opening and learning to use these basic meridians is important.

Feeling Yin and Yang (Earth and Sun, photons and gravitons)
There is a balance in nature, which the Chinese call Yin and Yang. It is two opposite forces, like the poles of a magnet. Stars (photons)are thought to be the most substantial energy for creating things in the Universe. This consists many particles and systems of energy we will just refer to as "photons", even though the mainstream science community has different names for each particle. Earth (Yin) electromagnetic energy is the key to the spirit world and Akashic records. Scientists call these vibrations "gravitons".

These opposite forces have many aspects of "Duality". Duality in the mind is not necessary. We must get over this programming in our head where when we look at anything and we immediately judge and think either good or bad, pretty or ugly, small or big. On the other hand, photon and phonon duality is completely necessary; planets and stars, gravity and antigravity. The moon never hits us and we never hit our sun because of these devine energy systems.

Only by knowing these two forces separated can you combine them back into the Prime Energy of Creation, and use it to empower yourself further. I'll be explaining fusing them later on.

Learning to FEEL the difference between Yin (gravitons, Earth, magnetism) and Yang (photons, Sun, Light, electricity) is the second thing you need to do. The first being tension/washing resensitization for a few days. You could probably feel this after no more than 5 serious sessions. The first 2-3 sessions won't feel like anything, but a unique feeling will definitely arise if you put your intention into the Earth or Sky when doing the exercises for a couple weeks.

Before I explain how these feel different, its important to first know that discharge power relies on the body being totally relaxed. 

You must have a comfortable stance and then sink down, allowing all tension and blockages to disappear. As the body relaxes, the coccyx tucks underneath and the neck becomes long as the Crown of the head gets pulled up, so that the spine is pulled back like a string, and the mind and chi go deeply into the earth.

Power lives in relaxation. Yet this power will still increase muscle strength and willpower. The body should not fight against itself. Chi should be unimpeded on its journey from the earth and energy reservoir to the chosen endpoint. No resistance or friction must exist along its path. There must be no stiffness or the energy will be blocked.

Yin (Earth ~ gravitons) feels soft and divinely feminine, correlated with magnetism and gravity. The sensation should be like pulling around something soft and silky with your mind. Do the above breathing exercise but this time imagine a vortex coming from the surrounding area, connecting at the base of your spine and going up to the top of your head, and as you exhale back down and out in every direction. Try to bring the Yin energy up your legs and into your bladder, like your pressurizing and blowing up a balloon as more and more energy is sent to your nerve fiber. Most of your bodies' neurons are actually in your abdomen!

Yang (Sun, Sky and stars ~ photons) feels intense! Its correlated with electricity and antigravity. Try the same breathing exercise but the vortex coming from the sun and stars and connecting to the top of your head. Remember that Earth is the key to the spirit world. The druids and Melchizedek bloodline called themselves "Earth dwellers" because they knew we can essentially travel into the Earth's electromagnetic field. Once full consciousness is restored and Earth's grid is finally activated of course. The energies are have been getting amazingly intense lately! 

If you can't feel these right away, don't worry. Finish the rest of the information in this post and do a couple weeks of resensitization exercises and you will be feeling this and eventually other unbelievable sensations given off by people and things in your environment. 

Another thing that helps to feel this is changing your mindset from the "monkey mind" to the "integrated mind". This is done by activating your 3 main energy reservoirs and letting go of any other thoughts/feelings. How to activate your heart, brain and bladder will be explained later.

Besides sensations of empowerment,  you will more easily feel the energy of others and increase your mental awareness. Even with your eyes closed, you should feel the movement of others. This will be especially true if they intend you harm. They will be creating a Yang energy force you can actually feel at a distance.

The Flower of Life and Sacred Geometry:
The flower of life is a symbol found around the world in temples built over the last 3,000 years. In every language the passed down name means "Flower of life". This symbol is found in ancient cities on every continent. We now know that this is how life literally develops. 

In 3D it is actually a perfect cube. 
The box which all creation comes in. 

If you watched the Modern Secrets video then you seen the picture of the Arctic research base located next to the two pyramids down at the south pole. The author of The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life, Drunvalo Melchizedek, was invited down to the base because they wanted to know why the only marking on those pyramids was just one Flower of Life, exactly like the 7 Flowers of Life on the huge stones in the temple at Abydos, Egypt

Pyramids have now been found on every continent on Earth and prove—beyond a shadow of a doubt—that pyramids were built by ancient civilizations with far greater technology than we now possess and that they were used to produce energy. The placement of the tens of thousands of pyramids around the globe on the earth’s energy grid, aligned with the universal energy field is a lost science that is now being rediscovered. This science can only be explained when we re-examine much of what we have been taught about history and open our minds to unfold the truth. All the ancient pyramids and temples are apart of the same electromagnetic system and were placed strategically on Earth's electromagnetic Ley Lines

Watch this:

Ancient CREATOR Civilizations! Energy workers who could use energy from Earth and Sun to manifest and manipulate matter. 

They are all over Egypt, Africa, Antarctica, Europe, Asia, North and South America. Hundreds aren't excavated, and we have even found many on the ocean floor. 

These ancient cultures knew more about the Universe than we did. 
The global pyramid grid was placed to raise Earth's vibration. 

Just in Abydos, Egypt we've found 7 Flowers of Life on the huge, perfect building blocks, along 
with many other messages we now understand. Its very good news too.
The Flower of Life is also found in ancient sacred cities built by the original Asian Qigong masters' family bloodlines (who came from Lemuria after it sank). And this ancient temple in Turkey is near Nazareth, which I will get into detail about later. Showing you only a few places is an understatement because this same knowledge-base is found on every continent dating back to when widespread communication was impossible. It is the most ancient and prevalent sacred knowledge on Earth. The divine guidance and lessons were given to the faithful by Angels in every culture who dedicated themselves to the Divine Creator of All, our Heavenly Father. In comparison to the rest of humanity in the times of unconsciousness the past 13,000 years, these dedicated spiritualist clans were few, but it is now obvious they were all guided to put clues into architecture that would stand the test of time so the truth would emerge when communication came close to light-speed. 

100,000 to 13,000 years ago humans were really smart, right-brained beings with open hearts and a powerful connection to the Celestial Kingdom. Long story short an energy experiment to control the minds of this divine humanity went very wrong and ripped a hole in the space-fabric, which caused Earth's energetic vibration to lower. We basically got raped, energetically speaking, by a race of extraterrestrials who weren't spiritually advanced. They used an artificial mechanical energy device to get rid of Earth's natural energy grids. We have been getting a recharge from the Sun and Galactic core. 13,000 years in galactic time is a tiny sliver - a quick burst of energy. Not too quick that we blow our nervous systems up, like plugging into a wall outlet without working your way up. People in India are actually doing that, they have made their nervous systems immune to electricity from a wall outlet, by starting low and working their way up - and also yoga/meditation.

A few different spiritual (not technological) ultraterrestrial races were already here 100,000 years ago to 13,000 years ago, but the invading extraterrestrial (from our neighbor Mars) didn't care for negotiating terms of emigration with them, they just invaded, and the Children of Lemuria and Atlantis didn't fight back at first. The martians started to try to claim the land and kill the Light Beings, but they were eventually subdued because they were few against millions. The martians were the last survivors from their home planet who managed to escape before the atmosphere got blown away (Mars used to have water and life like Earth), but they didn't even have a fleet of ships, just an one-way teleportation pod, which I imagine was a large fortress structure.

 Over many generations the invading clan kept to themselves, for they were living among thousands of Spiritual Children of Light, living like Gods in a garden (between 26,000 years ago and 13,000 years ago), who they couldn't easily kill because the energy work they were met with was so intense and versatile.  The Children weren't at all hostile, but could protect themselves with full resonance energy work, like creating ion shields, building walls out of the Earth, growing plants fast, flying, etc. The invaders eventually built their artificial energy experiment that ruined Earth's extremely high electromagnetic resonance (13,000 years ago)The experiment is now at the bottom of the Bermuda triangle. Millions of innocent people got very sick and most died.  The most advanced, spiritual, loving Angel persons were able to escape and have returned to fight another day, in a new way, from the inside out. Earth is getting a reboot from the sun and galactic center. The Earth lost almost all of her energy that drives consciousness, but the evolution potential within the toroidal DNA structure is still intact. After this disaster, civilization had to start over again from a very unconnected state of mind. Our connection to Source and the gifts of abundance by celestial energy work was lost. There just wasn't enough energy flowing from the Earth to do anything with. Now we are almost back to extremely abundant levels, the feeling these past few years has been growing exponentially fantastic!

 Read the book "Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life volume 1" for an in-depth history that covers the gold mines, Lemuria, Atlantis, and all the civilizations involved. So yeah, basically the bible's story of Eve eating the apple is complete hokum. Men wrote the bible, spiritual men perhaps, but "a Celestial Entity doesn't have a pen"-Russell Brand. Heartless men have been in control of the bible for about 2,000 years, but word travels faster than books get written, so many Nobles back then built temples and hid Sacred Geometry (Star Knowledge) in the Architecture. If crusaders invaded your kingdom back then, they did it in the name of their God and birthright, so they wouldn't destroy the temples, they would add to them. Later I will show you pictures from all over Europe that I have personally found because of traveling friends. So the story of the fall of humanity from heaven actually has to do with Atlantis and all the rest of the global, spiritually advanced societies, and the grid of pyramids they created before the fall happened. Do not buy into the mainstream estimated "dates of completion" on these pyramid complexes. The promise from our ancestors and other profound Love Healers throughout history has always been that Heaven would return to Earth in due time. 
They didn't leave and disappear completely, they have been here leading us in our journey back to full consciousness. 
Even the Christians knew that Sacred Knowledge came from our Extraterrestrial Ancestors. (See my other post for more on how all religions are connected in this one special way)

1. The Crucifixion” hangs above the altar at the Visoki Decani Monestary in Kosovo, Yugoslavia ~ it was painted in 1350
2. This image is from the 12th century (1100s) manuscript “Annales Laurissenses”
3. Image from the French book ”Le Livre Des Bonnes Moeurs” by Jacques Legrand, 1338
4.”The Miracle of the Snow” by Masolino Da Panicale circa 1400 (right) from Florence, Italy
5. This image is from the 12th century (1100s) manuscript “Annales Laurissenses”
6. Broadsheet picture by Samuel Coccius illustrates many flaming and “large black globes”
that were repoted to have appeared in the skies over Basel, Switzerland in 1566.
From the Wickiana Collection, Zurich Central Library, Switzerland
7. ”The Madonna with Saint Giovannino” Painted in the 15th century (1400s), Palazzo Vecchio lists the artist as unknown."

The very least our ancestors' ships have been caught red-handed doing is disabling nukes. They have the technology to ramp Earth's energy to max, but that would be exactly like plugging everyone into a wall's electrical outlet and getting fried. Much of our potential ground crew would die, so the time isn't right, but if billions are going to die anyway - Spirit lives on! Change is certain, suffering is not. Things are escalating quickly, so we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Right now we are basically in the process of replacing existing fuses with heavier equipment to insure that everything doesn’t blow out when the lights come on.

The Flower of Life 
your body's energy centers (Chakras) ~

Here is another detailed chart about chakras and how to heal the different aspects of yourself.

I believe the 8 chakra system is an understatement. It works because our body and consciousness are connected to the energy grids these chakras align with, but recent quantum science is showing us this celestial energy form is more functional... it is much bigger; not confined to the "chakras" of our body.

Recently in 2013 a Chinese physicist and his team were able to measure "quantum entanglement"
former called "spooky action at a distance" by Einstein. Basically when two particles or objects are entangled like this, what ever action you put upon one almost immediately happens to the other. 
The effect was transferred 10,000x the SPEED OF LIGHT!! So it may take most of the sunlight a little over 8 minutes to reach Earth, but our connection to the sun can be basically instantaneous through the subconscious. So really this is the subconscious channel our consciousness works through when distance healingremote viewing, and bi-locating. When all of our energy bodies are activated and our DNA in each cell is producing enough energy, our whole physical body can become entangled and travel around Earth, or elsewhere in the celestial kingdom.

We can pull energy from this matrix and can project our consciousness and brain signals (electrons) through it. Electrons are .00005x smaller than the other two elementary particles, which means they can go through the holographic objects in our reality, complete with information or programs on how to function. 

In order to project consciousness we must align ourselves with the underlying fabric. This is simply done by activating our energybody, creating balls of energy and vortexes in and around our bodies while allowing ourself to resonate with celestial energy.

– Out of this grid of spheres comes all structures 
discovered in chemistry and organic chemistry –

 – Out of this grid of spheres comes every other form –

Some of these 3D OBJECTS & 2D SHAPES actually CONDUCT ENERGY & RESONATE better than some of the others. The more straight lines the space has means more energy conduits, and more faces means more potential energy vortexes. 

Let's look at Graphene for example... 

Graphene is 200x stronger than steel yet it is flexible. Electrons can race through graphene at nearly the speed of light – one hundred times faster than they move through silicon. See, Sacred Geometry is good to use when conducting electromagnetic energy! This is a wafer only 1-7 atoms thick. It can be used to make transistors and eventually microchips for electronic devices. This also is the technology that will give us a space-elevator, as well as televisions that span walls in our home simply by rolling out a thin sheet.

Graphene is made by heating carbon to a very specific temperature and pressure which unexpectedly melts it into this perfect grid. Did you know carbon is also the element that arranges itself into diamonds, coal, and graphite? Energy input can change everything! And our bodies are carbon based!

CNN: Graphene has been described as a 'miracle material', but what exactly is it?
Andre Geim: It's the thinnest material you can get -- it's only one atom thick. A tiny amount can cover a huge area, so one gram could cover a whole football pitch. It's the strongest material we are aware of because you can't slice it any further. Of course, we know that atoms can be divided into elementary particles, but you can't get any material that is thinner than one atom, or it wouldn't count as a material anymore.
Graphene is stronger than diamond; it shows extraordinary heat conductance; it conducts electricity a thousand times better than copper -- the list goes on. We're talking about probably 20 superlatives which apply to graphene. Another surprise is that you can just about see it with the naked eye, even though it's only one atom thick!
Because of its range of extraordinary properties, people are considering using graphene in a myriad of different applications. For example, because graphene is so strong, people want to use it to reinforce plastics, making them conductive at the same time. Because it's transparent and conducts electricity, people want to use it in applications like mobile phone screens, touch screens, TV screens and so on. People are also considering using it to go beyond silicon technology and make our integrated circuits even denser and speedier. Those are just few examples.

Because of its shape electrons move through Graphene in waves. Waves can carry other coherent wave forms (notice the waves of sand in the picture below compared to the wave of water). Energy can carry many layers of information in stacked wave forms - all based on the same Electromagnetic Field that is allowing me to type this message to you right now.

Using your mind you can also tap into The Field to send and receive visual/vocal messages, or even used to influence situations with feelings and telepathic messages, and eventually tap into and change the fabric of etheric information holding our "solid" holographic reality together, making it a vibrating mass of atoms that your spirit can reshape or change in energetic ways.

Programming can go as far as changes such as coldness, heat, strength, weakness, vibrance, healing, ionization, cleansing, light - you can go as far as using energy to add to and transmute one group of protons and neutrons to the next level, and that will completely change what it is, for example hydrogen to helium, or copper to gold. Alchemy and manifestation really has no limits in higher energy densities, and that is where we are heading. For example you could pull crystals and gold out of the ether (vibrate it into reality), or build a pyramid (reshape and levitate matter). 

Let me talk about microchips and electronics for a second since graphene can be used for this. Basically algorithms are designed to map electrons as they are placed into the shape of the circuitry (5-7 atoms thick portions) and an electromagnetic laser is used to imprint the coded information into the electrons. Scientists are actually starting to use DNA to store normal computer data at unbelievable capacity! That tech will become available to the public far after graphene does.

Proportion & Sacred Geometry:

If what I explained above is the energy structure and consciousness grid, then Phi ratio is the primal math used to govern proportions (in creation and evolution). Phi, or often called the "golden ratio" or "Fibonacci sequence". (11235, 8, etc) is basic addition, each number after the first two is the sum of the previous two. The universe started as one circle and kept recreating itself, into the Flower of Life vortex, and then folding stuff inside of it in all these simple, hollow, yet infinite structures.

In nature and creation it is visible everywhere, from plants, to biology and atoms. The next number in the sequence is always known, allowing for an infinite unfolding, capable of huge leaps.

With bigger and bigger proportions, nature is always to moving closer and closer to perfecting this number. It has been doing this for billions of years and really everything around you is information. 

It is even expressed in our own thoughts and perception. For example if someone's face has nearly perfect Phi proportions then we perceive them as beautiful or handsome. Un-evenness is perceived as ugliness. Throughout my energy work experience I've been noticing how much my body is changing to become more aesthetically beautiful (visually perfect) simply by taking in "beautiful" vibrations (energetically perfect) from the source of all this every day for a year. It really works! I'm far better looking than when I started doing energy work.

When the universe applies proportion to these basic organic patterns it creates beautiful, vibrating matrices that we break down into "cells" when we observe them with microscopes. Its easy to forget any system we've named really is just a dynamic expression of conscious vibrations.

Paintings by IntertG (interest page on Fb)
The grid is infinitely small and large, 
giving rise to particles we know as electrons, atoms, cells, leafs, branches, flowers, roots, etc. 

 The circles are the conscious network which our consciousness and universal sub-conscious uses to interact within. The straight lines provide the energy structure that connects it all together and provides the energy to fuel it's actions. These lines are only straight to our perception - on the Universal scale this energy grid spirals out of Celestial Objects (the most significant to us being the Earth and Sun). These Universal Sacred Geometry Grids are completely usable to create vortexes to pull large amounts of energy in and around you with your consciousness.

“Scientist Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies"
THE HUMAN DNA IS A BIOLOGICAL INTERNET and superior in many aspects to the artificial one. Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), mind’s influence on weather patterns and much more. In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes.

Only 10% of our DNA is being used for building proteins. It is this subset of DNA that is of interest to western researchers and is being examined and categorized. The other 90% are considered “junk DNA.” The Russian researchers, however, convinced that nature was not dumb, joined linguists and geneticists in a venture to explore those 90% of “junk DNA.” Their results, findings and conclusions are simply revolutionary! According to them, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and in communication. The Russian linguists found that the genetic code, especially in the apparently useless 90%, follows the same rules as all our human languages. To this end they compared the rules of syntax (the way in which words are put together to form phrases and sentences), semantics (the study of meaning in language forms) and the basic rules of grammar. They found that the alkalines of our DNA follow a regular grammar and do have set rules just like our languages. So human languages did not appear coincidentally but are a reflection of our inherent DNA.

Our DNA we pass on has been gradually getting closer to quantum. There are parts of the DNA connected to the Earth and she has been raising in vibration for a while now. Our experiences also change our genome, basically phenotype quickly becomes genotype. But only 10% of our genes are physically coding. There are other multi-dimensional-energy-fields that are rooted in the DNA-electromagnetic-Light, and those are changing regardless of how low in life you are right now. That is the lesson! It is a grand lesson to have all of the physical not matter again, and to now have a period of expansion on what we have learned in our centuries here on Earth crystalizing into these bodies to attend a school of remembering. 

Think about this: 
If consciousness and proportion are both number sequences we should look at how it all unfolds.
The next number in the sequence is always known, allowing for an infinite unfolding, capable of huge leaps.

Flower of Life division
        1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32764, 65536, 131072, 262144

Universal proportion (Phi)
1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584, 4181, 6765, 10946, 17711, 28657

It is all exponential! 
Consciousness and evolution must start taking huge, calculated, spontaneous leaps. 

The underlying essence of any energy system in our Universe is the Flower of Life, in all shapes and sizes. Each Flower of Life polarizes itself and creates a vortex! 

The Universe started as one circle and kept recreating itself, into the Flower of Life vortex, and then folding stuff inside of it. Underneath is a sea of energy, layers of vibrating particles we can't detect yet. It is hyperconscious, expressing itself through electromagnetic "whole packets" of vibrating energy, and each packet has many recognizable whole layers. "Water droplet cymatics" reveal this amazing truth and gives us a glimpse at how energy systems create our cells!
As you can see our cells, atoms and aura is a mixture of many electromagnetic forces driven by subconscious energy systems.

On the most fundamental level, the human mind and cells are not distinct and separate from their environment but are bundles of pulsating energy that constantly interact with this vast energy field, you and your solid reality are one complex thought. 

No one is “off the grid”, even if they think they are or want to be. This energy grid doesn’t follow the laws of space and time we think we are experiencing. 

Just by changing how we see the energy grid we can change our experience. The power of the Energy Field is that you can tap into the collective to make an outcome that is best for all. Global peace and abundance will be the goal for the first energetic creators. If you watched my video Modern Secrets then you should know that the universe works in "whole packets" - which means regardless of what it is, or the size of it, it is always whole, in the sense it has both energy and the information necessary to make the energy behave. So, thoughts actually come in "thought packets", and can also carry energy and information for your sensory and auditory organs, which can eventually lead to intense moments of visual and auditory insight. 

This training has sped up my mind's connection to energy recently, which has not only sped up my brain's thought process, but has also invoked guidance from the subconscious. Beside manifesting the outcome of situations, knowing about how energy works and connecting to it more effectively allows you to choose what ideas you would like to receive. If you set your mind on peace and abundance, the universe will send you packets for exactly that. 

Real crop circles are GROWN into formation with the plant still completely intact, not stepped on by people, which breaks the plants!

Men try though! And they don't look nearly as good.

More History of Sacred Geometry –

This 6-point-star is the star tetrahedron, which we now know is the fundamental shape repeated everywhere in our Universe. You may have seen this symbol before, it is displayed in many Christian, Catholic, Mormon and Jewish temples. It is even the main spiritual symbol for the Jewish religion. Did you know Jesus was a Jew, not a Christian,  Mormon or Catholic. These religions probably started out in the light of truth, but the true teachings have been rewritten the past 2000 years to control society. The illuminati Zionist Jews claimed this symbol for themselves only 75 years ago, so don't be fooled, it has been around for centuries, even before the time of Christ, it can bee seen in Egypt and in the kingdom of Solomon 1030 b.c.

This is what one of the top Bible study websites has to say about King Solomon (the tenth son of King David. Thus the Star of David), it all adds up right! 

Ancient floor mosaic from Greece aged approximately 1100 - 750 BC featuring both the 'swastika' and the 'star of david' long before the invention of 'zionism' or 'nazis.

(*A massive collection of Egyptian teachings can be found in my other post "THIS IS IT") 

Love is the answer. The energy that created us is loving! Yet it is energetic! One great eternal burst. 

Never underestimate the union of your consciousness with the subconscious, for with the proper realization you start to become a creator, an energetic programmer of your life and of the electromagnetic information that weaves together this hologram. If the proper union of Love and Science is achieved, your consciousness will swell to levels high enough that the way and plan of the universe is brought to you, as simple as reaching for that highest vibration thought packet and succeeding by practicing. Choose to project energy into your environment and program it with love for everyone and everything, its easy!

Instead of letting fear dominate our thoughts and actions, sending us into panic and ineffectiveness, choose to connect to the power of the Field using our electromagnetic emotions and electric thoughts by making our intentions very clear. When your intention is clear, the Field quickly starts pulling things together. Some people call this synchronicity. I call it playing the quantum field. That space where you break through into synchronicity and everything clicks. Doors open. Obstacles melt away. Golden opportunities materialize. But on those other days, when nothing works, you can’t seem to do anything right, and you descend into what feels like the Black Hole, you’re also playing the Field. You’re just making choices that amplify that reality. So, you may be asking, why can’t we operate like this more effectively. We can. And I can show you how. We need to remember that the Field is always there, whether or not we pay attention to it.  If you choose to stay conscious and play the Field, you can change your life in the very next moment. Or even better, you can completely change your life forever.

It really is like a virtual reality hologram, and once you really stop the self-disbelief that has been programmed to shut you down, you will feel and see things only a quantum being could

Most importantly, please remember this isn't just about you. This is about the Earth, and all of it's inhabitants. The collective energy we can produce is huge and lasting! Earth holds a vibration that continually increases in energy with the help of energy creators.

Be excited and laugh with joy, what a funny joke this Earth learning experience has been. Remember Jesus said, "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth," which means that if you're sitting in this new world thinking simple thoughts of love, harmony and peace, trusting in God and yourself, then that is exactly what will manifest in your world. You will manifest a harmonious, beautiful world. If you are "meek," you allow yourself to remain in this higher world. Controlling your thoughts, feelings and actions is important. Jesus also spoke of these people when he said at the end of a parable that "Many are called, but few are chosen." I'd like to think that everyone will make it into this time of expansion. Even if there are some who die, their energy will live on. 

So don't be afraid!

Welllll actually... its more like this:

Using Sacred Geometry & Pineal Gland: 

You can visualize these fields or you can sense or feel into it. Either way will connect the mind to the Lightbody. Base emotions, and feelings you attach to celestial energy play an enormous role in the experience of the Merkaba. It is the female emotional body that brings the Merkaba to life, not just the male knowledge of how to create it. 

Did you know fake feelings produce real hormones and real neural impulses? For example you could imagine you are holding the most lovable baby ever, experiencing the fuzzy feelings it gives you from the hormone "Oxytocin" your imagination is really releasing into your body, and learn to recreate that feeling, an electromagnetic impulse that permeates your aura, to send it out to the earth environment around you.  But do tell me, why would you have to fake loving something as awesome and beautiful as life and nature in this Universe?

You must feel unconditional Love for all life and peak-excitement to fuel your Merkaba. Fuel this Love with all the intimate feelings you’ve experienced with those you have loved most in this lifetime. Pretend to feel the Love and excitement of attraction,  your first love, and your first kiss. Feel your heart pounding for your lover, feel your heart race and those butterflies that make you feel giddy. Keep sending all the Love you have ever felt in your lifetime into the Merkaba. Definitely remember to smile! 

Throughout this enlightenment process, here are some life lessons you should focus on learning
Learn to Love
Learn to listen
Learn to receive
Learn to love yourself
Learn to speak your truth
Learn how not to be a victim
Learn not to let anyone define you
Learn how to feel your own mastery
Learn how to live with other Humans
Learn how to get out of blaming others
Learn to escape the mindset of judging everything around you as good or bad
Learn to drop your karma and avoid karma inducing situations
Learn that you deserve to be here
Learn that you are quantum, and act like it!

Once you convince yourself that you are done with the physical lessons, and start asking for something else, then that is what you get. At first this feature does nothing, and you begin to want what is around you, you want to do things for the sake of unique experience, but once you go "I've had enough of that now thanks" it is changeable. The universe will eventually start to gravitate exactly what you need into your life. The consciousness behind these thought packages will test to see if you are serious, and if you still don't realize the truth of your mistakes and are lost in denial then you can't progress to the next lessons.

Scientists have described what is called a quantum jump. Excited particles will rise in frequency to a point and then “jump” to a new orbit. We have been rising in frequency for quite some time. The moment of our quantum jump is approaching very, very rapidly now. If our physical body gets enough DNA activation from aligning to pure photon-Light-source it will turn into energy. Science has also discovered that everything spins, and if the fabric of the universe changes the direction its spinning it literally becomes a different particle with completely unique traits being expressed... As above, so below! Consciousness has control.

Here is a recording of the octave to hum with
but I would rather do it with a piano.

First go through the whole scale and touch the points on your body as you hum along with the audio. Doing this daily will really help any musician with singing or playing an instrument, and will allow you to see and even feel music in a whole new way. While doing this, try to squeeze your body around the chakra and imagine you are wearing a belt of Chi.

After you have done that try humming while imagining the energy flowing to the corner points in the Merkaba aura that are about an arms lengths around you. Stand up and do this. Put your hand toward the point as you hum the corresponding note (except don't bend over and touch the first one).

Clear Mind (Channel)
Open Heart (Portal)
Grounded (Vessel)
A river of white light that is aware, infinite, and eternal, bottled at the Source, for ALL to share
Note: You have 3 whole Merkabas all this same size ^.
1. One stays motionless and is connected to your physical body
2. Connected to your left brain (analytical, mostly electric body), spins right (clockwise) and is masculine
3. Connected to your right brain (emotional, mostly magnetic body), spins left, and is feminine

Advanced energy practitioners can spin bands around each Chakra. 

After you know what the basic concept is in the Merkaba video listen to this to follow along because you must start with the unity breath meditation so you can gain access to your heart chakra and connect it to the mother Earth and father Sky.

This playlist includes the Merkaba activation, but won't show you how to do it.
So remember you must first open your toroidal flow with the Unity breath meditation

This Unity Breath meditation opens a channel, a vortex tube, 
for energetic Love to flow from the Earth and Sun.

Did you know your body is nothing more and nothing less than a system of tubes.
  • Your hairs are tubes; they are hollow and allow gas to escape.
  • The very pores of your skin are tubes rising from the internal structure of your body.
  • Your circulatory system is a series of connecting tubes starting with the nostril tubes that lead to your two tubular lungs that connect to the system of cardiovascular tubes.
  • You have over 250,000 miles of cardiovascular tubing that delivers your blood to and from your heart called veins and arteries. Your heart is a gathering of over 2 million tubes.
  • Your bones are hollow and are made of millions of tiny tubes making up a ladder structure to give them strength and flexibility.
  • Your longest tube starts are your mouth and ends at the back door and is called the alimentary canal (tube).
I could go on and on but you are getting the point yes... 
The point is that you are truly tubular in nature! In fact your body is comprised of over 176 thousand trillion tubes. That´s how tubular you are!

Master Meditations:
Here is more info on these master meditations. They are short so you should do each new one twice your first time, because the first time doesn't count since you need to have a basic understanding for your mind to really be into the energy work.

ASCENSION = the REMEMBERING of your Multi-Dimensional Self.
These master meditations simply help you do that.

When teaching your body about these energy systems it will also help you to get to know each aspect of yourself. You need to seek out blockages within yourself. Don't try to see all energy systems as good vs evil, instead see celestial flow vs stagnant or chaotic blockages and programing.

  • The Physical Energy Body - energy system of atoms and molecules 
  • The Etheric Energy Body - energy system creating the blueprint and structural holograph of the physical body.
  • The Emotional Energy Body - emotions release electromagnetic hormones which create an energy system in and around our body. This layer can be quite volatile when we are experiencing/creating extremely high or low emotions.
  • The Mental Energy Body - ideas, belief systems, thoughts are assimilated and sorted out. Since our nervous system and brain are huge parts of us, perception and beliefs affect every other energy layer, positively or negatively.
  • The Spiritual Energy Body - entangled with source. Very capable of transmuting all other energy bodies into resonant energy systems. Where our "consciousness" or "higher awareness" resides.

  • This physicist is a surfer living in Hawaii with his girlfriend, in a van, and decided to study the nature of energy after watching coral grow. He doesn't talk about the Merkaba or make any of these connections (I took screenshots and drew over them), he just has scientific evidence that supports the quantum fabric's geometry [Tri-ality and Star-tetrahedron] and the type of spin we can assume works in an "As below, so above" context. A couple of his clips are in the Modern Secrets video. Hawaii also has a huge connection to the ancient past that 
    sparks curiosity.

    His spinning relationships...
    ... all have sacred geometry 

    Using your Pineal Gland:
    Activating the Pineal Gland is necessary to connect your mind to the Sacred Geometry in the quantum fabric. You pull energy into your belly then send it into your pineal gland and pulse it, this will work it out like a muscle and help decalcify it. If you Google "old pictures of Jesus"you will see that in a few paintings he has the beams of light that act as antennas for the electromagnetics of the Pineal Gland. The pineal gland has antennas function along with the Merkaba, and are actually easier to activate than the Merkaba. This teaching has ancient roots from both the Hawaiian Kahuna tribe and the Mayans.

    To work out your pineal gland [much like a muscle], simply pull energy from the earth into your 3 main energy reservoirs, and then concentrate/pressurize the chi in the middle of your head (all in one big inhale). Hold at the top of your breath and pulse the middle of your head 3 times. Then exhale and repeat at least 3 more times. 

    If we can balance our human perception with a meditative and loving perception, the path of Love, Light, and DNA activation will be shown. My most recent visual interaction with them was on 2-28-13Summer solstice, 4th of July, July 20th and 21st. 2-28-13 was special though because I went outside to activate my Merkaba, Pineal gland and energy bodies and they allowed me to film for the first time! Check this out in High Definition!
    (read the video description for more details)

    Mainstream news in Nevada:

    These Lightships and Star Beings have been making appearances, often in triangle formations, all over the world for millions of people to see. They want people to be curious enough to look into what is really going on. They want us to wake up and realize they are here for good, peaceful reasons. Angels are pieces of God's energy, Star Beings. 

    Mainstream news from all over the United States:

    I've personally had a few visual, 
    telepathic interactions with these beings! It was beyond amazing, and is the main inspiration for putting this blog together. 
    My 2 most recent interactions were after I had been practicing Taoism for 2 years and learning to activate my Merkaba for 6 months. I needed to know it was all real, I wouldn't have been confident enough to share all this with you if not. They let me know loud and clear :) <3 (:  Close encounter of the heart kind! The language of the Universe is vibration. They can feel us when we meditate and send out love and gratitude.

    The first experience with them was actually a near death experience when I was I child. I fell out of a two story window when I was three years old and they saved me. When I was being put into the ambulance I told my family and the paramedics "There was a magic carpet and the Angels carried me down". I will talk about this a little more at the very end if you care to know.

    Two last things worth watching that relate to Sacred Geometry!

    This one is 35 minutes. It is very elegant and is still great despite it being kind of slow paced.
    This one is only 6 minutes! I suggest trying this one first.

    Energy Body Shield:
    If you have tried the tension exercise and other resensitization energy washing exercise for a week or two then activating your Merkaba is the next step. If you can’t feel it yet, then this method of activation may be easier than getting it to spin right away.

    The spinning Merkaba is your engine, but these codes align you.  These mental/emotional states become the most important possessions you could have as you begin you journey to enter the higher worlds. This is the most important step you can integrate into your learning, but eventually you need to learn to feel the energy as described in the Merkaba activation video above.

    Where does this process lead? 

    If you understand that you can “play the quantum field” to bring about the future of your choosing, then this will first lead you to demonstrate your ability to control events. Then a funny thing begins to happen. Like the butterfly, your body will rapidly change into something similar but uniquely different.

    "Pharaoh" means ”that which you will become". The first king given the name pharaoh was Akhenaten, with his lovely wife Nefertiti. If you want to know what you will become… there they are to see. The race they came from, the Sirians, are our father, and we carry the genes they have given us. At the right moment we will change into their race. It is a race designed for the fourth dimension. When it happens, you will say to yourself, "Of course, I remember." The changes taking place in your body will feel so natural and simple.

    These codes become even more essential each time you reach a higher level of awareness. These are the stargate portal codes that will allow you to take a much needed journey when the time is right.

    The advanced student should learn both male and female codes. They both work for everyone. Write them down in your pocket for a day and you should have it memorized by the end of the day.

    I also frequently use the mantra: harmony, love, strength, healing while spinning bands. I'll show you this later. 

    Ankhs within the energy matrix:
     You can ankh starting from both your solar plexus chakra and heart chakra, just make sure it goes over your head and then back. Don't go through your head, if your chi is strong this doesn't feel right. 

    Step by step how to ankh:

    You can also sit and start a vortex ball over your head. 

    It will amplify your Chi projection! It works so good, but only those with resensitized nervous systems will feel it! You can also Ankh into your heart then project that amplified energy from your palm chakra. I will talk more about this when we cover Chi fusion methods. 

    The secret of the ankh, combined with energy pulled in from the channels as explained above, feels unbelievable. I can only promise you it is real and show you the easiest path. Quantum energy ankhs can be any size and enacted anywhere. 

    Subtle techniques to increase efficiency Mastering spinning the energy when you pull it from the Earth into your heart right before anking will allow you to have the most effective energy build up, healing love programming and transfer.  

    Note: When doing this spiral technique I usually inhale using 8 small breaths as I imagine/squeeze the corresponding point spinning up. Eventually you can make this line stay open so the rest of the breathes after the first can pull energy quickly from bottom to top, spinning, without having to focus on the spin - you just feel it.

    Within these circle ankhs you can also create spinning Merkabas, functioning outside of your biological Merkaba but still relying on your quantumly entangled power source. 
    Once enlightened, you can program them with intent for healing and protection purposes.

    There is another way to move energy 
    that has less to do with the underlying
     energy fabric of the Universe –
    It works because you have trillions of nerve endings and they are extremely dense in some places. They are all connected by what is called the microscopic orbit. The more you practice this along with the channel exercises, the more energy you will be able to produce, feel and move.

    Again, there should be no Chi blockages and the body should be very relaxed.

    After you can feel each of these systems by itself you can then feel the energy coming from both directions at once, from Earth and Sky, fuzing together in your heart.

    Visible Body Vibrations - These vibrations usually start as trembling after you've been doing the energy washing/tension exercise combo for a few weeks. The trembling will lead to mild muscle spasms, and eventually just nervous system vibrations without trembling or muscle spasms. The shaking should not be voluntary, it will arise naturally, and it should not be resisted! At first I could feel a trembling while doing the tension exercise... but now it only happens when I focus on pulling, ankhing, and activating my Merkaba, along with all the other subtle aspects I will inform you about. If I let my mind explore these feelings, and forget all distractions, the shaking happens. This vibration is really profound and powerful, to say the least. Update: The past few weeks I have been able to get my nervous system to vibrate without the muscle movement or even using my chi pump, like a silent, motionless purring tickleLet me explain why the chi pump helps beginners:

    It starts in the "Chi pump", which is basically standing on your toes and squatting down a little and focusing on the chain of triangles from toes to head. Then I pull the impulses into my bladder, perineum and gut, and my hips start shaking, then I pull it up my spine into my heart, from there I pulse it up into my pineal gland, which was a process I first began to use when doing the Merkaba activation. When I shake super intense it is because it feels like the Merkabas are spinning and powering the vibration like an engine.  

    If you want the complete explanations for each exercise along with a lot more insite then buy these books. Believe it or not they have a lot of stuff I haven't told you. 

    This first one will teach you to work with Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood vibrations, which is one of my favorite practices to do every day in my garden:

    This one has sooo much more. It has a whole Tai Chi technique I haven't told you anything about here:

    Fuzing Yin & Yang:

    There are at least 3 ways I've been able to feel this, but all have to do with yin and yang, magnetism and electricity, soft and then intense. Either way from this coupling there is an explosion of "Jin" (fusion of yin and yang).

    Qi Gong Method: You can do this if you can just feel Earth and Sky separate, no ankhing necessary. You can also use this method during combat to neutralize and transform an opponent's yang and tension energy by combining it with yin energy deep in the earth and the lowest energy reservoir (bladder and belly organs). With this coupling there is an explosion of "Jin" (fusion of yin and yang), which is then discharged back to the opponent. 
    Stay relaxed.
    Pull a ball of Yang (sky) energy down your spine to the bottom.
    Rotate it around your chi belt to the front-side of the energy reservoir then around to the original point. (If fighting, neutralize incoming force to lower energy reservoir and earth then rotate it. )

    Jin appears in legs coming up from the earth (Yin combing with the Yang).

    Expand the lower energy reservoir.
    Move into position, then connect to the upper half of your body.

    <Store up the Jin like drawing a bow.

    Release the Jin like releasing the arrow.
    To discharge Jin, relax completely and aim in one direction
    In the straight seek the curve.
    Store then shake the back and release Jin.

    After you learn to do this whole inhale energy pulling fusion spin in your lowest energy reservoir (bladder) then next do it in your heart, pressurizing your entire torso with Chi, from your heart to your bladder, spin it in your heart, then release outward from your heart or palms.

    If you are sensitized enough to feel yin and yang separate, fusing them will eventually make your body vibrate and shake. This shaking was happening to me from doing the tension exercise and pulling energy; this was before I read the majority of the Taoism and Qigong books written by Eastern masters so I had no idea it was normal. They all say it is the same for everyone. My body began shaking during the tension exercise only after about a week. It has continued to get more intense for the past 6 months, and only recently have I been able to produce that vibrating feeling without shaking.

    An ancient Qigong master said "A big movement is not as effective as a small movement, a small movement is not as effective as the appearance of no movement, and it is the presence of movement within the appearance of no movement that is the real movement."  

    Egyptian Method: This is if you can use your heart chakra properly and can do the normal ankh. Divide your inhale into 4 breaths at first. 2 before you ankh, one for each direction as the energy crawls from Earth first to your heart on the first and then from the sky, then hold your breath and push it out the back of your heart chakra at a 90 degree angle. Then 2 more breaths as you pull from both directions again before you release. 

    There are a few variations I like, I usually do them all because I like how they feel different, and switching it around is a good warm up to get you ready to play in the field. 

    - variation of 4 breath inhale: 2 before you ankh - one for each direction as the energy crawls from Earth first to your heart then from the sky - then use the 3rd breath push it out the back of your heart chakra at a 90 degree angle. Then 1 more breath as you pull from both directions simultaneously before you release. 
    -  2 breath inhale: You need to learn to simultaneously pull from Earth and Sky into your heart, down through your head and up through your legs and torso at the same time.  So it goes: pull from both directions on the first inhale, hold breath, push into ankh, pull both directions again at the same time, release.


    Sunshine is one of the greatest healers of lifestyle diseases. Our bodies, just like plants and other living organisms on this earth, require sunshine to grow, develop, repair and regenerate. Contrary to western medicine, sunlight will not kill you. On a standard western diet(nutrient deficient), you will burn if you stay in the sunshine for too long but just like Air and Water, with appropriate use, it is one of the essential parts of living a dis-ease free and healthy life. As you embrace the 7 principles of health and self-care and you ease your way into sunlight, your skin will adapt and become more accepting of its healing powers and regeneration. By allowing our skin and body to receive the light from the sun, our skin creates a photo-electric response so your body can make Vitamin D. This vitamin helps the entire bone structure of the body, the circulatory system, maintains normal heart rhythm and helps every cell in the body regulate its function better. The UV Rays that create vitamin D in our body also help to control bacterial and viral overwhelm. Your body stores Vitamin D in your liver for 3 - 5 years - keeping you functioning and healthy every day.
    Deficiencies in vitamin D are widespread and the results are obvious.

    Prostate cancer is the one number male disease and with sufficient Vitamin D from natural sunlight, very few men will ever experience prostate cancer.
    With women, it´s breast cancer and osteoporosis. Both diseases are entirely preventable and sunlight is one of the major and most critical keys to this prevention.

    Most People Are Mal-illuminated

    In the same way that the majority of people are dehydrated, most people are mal-illuminated.
    In today´s modern society we are indoors in our office when the sun is out and we get home when the sun is going down.

    Not only that, our media teaches us to coat ourselves with sunscreen which contain toxic chemicals, and to take extreme measures to avoid sunlight.
    This advice has turned out to be completely wrong. Natural sunlight is absolutely essential for good health and without it you are far more susceptible to cancer, depression, obesity, osteoporosis and many other diseases.
    1. Get out in the sun! 20-30 minutes a day on as much of your skins surface as possible
    2. Don´t use sunscreen - Get your sunshine between 9-11am in the morning or after 2pm in the afternoon.
    3. Don´t always use sunglasses, they can hurt your vision. Moderate! The sun is amazing for your eyes!

    Grounding (also known as Earthing):
    Grounding your consciousness allows your body to resonant with the natural currents coming from the Earth which will magnify your aura.

    You can ground yourself in 3 ways.

    1. Spend time each day outside with bare feet.

    2. Send your consciousness down into the earth while doing deep breathing. Some places are extremely insulated and if you haven't been able to produce a noticeable Chi movement then this may not work. It helps to imagine white roots of light infinitely branching down and spirals in your legs.

    Why is grounding necessary?
    There is a lot of artificial energy and interference bombarding us affecting our cells and aura and it greatly effects how we think and feel. Plus the more grounded you are the easier it will be for you to accompany Earth in her transition. 
    Instead of all our electronics being on resonant frequencies  we are using frequencies very similar to energy based "soft" weapons. Our phones use microwaves and quartz crystals to send voice and other data.

    These energies are not nearly as powerful as natural energies produced by hyperconsciousness. Everything natural is so quantum and complex, weaving "waves of possibility" into an "electromagnetic timeline", just like that in your DNA. All this synchronicity, all the lessons, all the thoughts, are all being weaved and recorded in a beautiful cord, a timeline of all your timelines, and will eventually be handed back to you. 

    Light has many layers, atoms, cells and so on, but it also manifests auras of such intense Light we would call it cold plasma, to protect electromagnetic objects as they weave through space. If our DNA were overcome by Light we would be plasmatic.

    Did you know that Earth doesn't "revolve around" the sun on a flat plane like a merry-go-round, but instead spirals along with it as we hurdle through space at hundreds of thousands of miles per hour, it is a vortex. The Sun is traveling at 483,000 miles per hour to be exact. That is 134 miles per second! Particles are flowing through us at an unbelievable rate, we just need to sense them, connect to them, and to harness them. Everything spirals, from your DNA to galaxies, and everything in between.

    Even our solar system has Sacred Geometry in all of its energy vortexes. For example Venus orbits the Sun 13 times for every 8 Earth orbits. If you track the relative positions of Earth and Venus over an 8 year period, this is the resulting pattern.
    More info:

    Crystals, rocks and Earth herself seem to have their own DNA grids, but they don't have organic DNA like we do. Crystals grow. Did you know that after a spacewalk an astronauts suit smells metallic? This is because the electromagnetic Light field making everything grow is crystalline itself, the vibrations aren't random, they have crystalline structure like metals and other lattice elements do. There are super crystal growing in huge deposits all around the world, carrying specific energies for life and thought.

     Quartz is FOSSILIZED WATER! Water itself is pretty amazing, but this is beyond celestial! Quartz was first used in crystal radios by Nikola Tesla to send and pick up the radio frequencies. Now it is also the key component in sending your voice around the world via mobile phone!  Most of these crystal caves produce so much heat that the explorers have to wear astronaut suits. 

    Your physical body is crystalline and can magnify energy? Connect yourself with these large energy grids to power yourself up using your deep breathing, Chi focus and Love from your open heart vortex.

    These super crystal deposits were once more resonant than they are now. They were the power source for the Atlanteans and Egyptians celestial practice.

    We have discovered a whole variety of huge, hundred mile long crystals in- 
    Arkansas :
    Blue Crystal of Knowledge 
    Emerald Crystal of Healing 
    Platinum Crystal of Communication 
    Bimini Bank:
    The Ruby Fire Crystal of Energy 
    Gold Crystal of Healing Regeneration 
    Violet Crystal of Sound
    Mount Shasta:
    The Om Crystal of Multidimensionality
    Lake Titicaca, Bolivia:
    Sun-Moon Crystal of Light
    Crystal of Thoth

    Before we go any further, I just want you to know there is nothing to fear in our world, especially not death.

    Have you heard about Mount Shasta in northern California? This odd mountain is one of many huge multi-mile crystal deposits. People go to fill up jugs of clean, electron charged spring water flowing from the crystal-lined aquifers out of the head-springs. The energy there is intense because of the water flow, which charges the mountain of crystals (just like the Nile and the Great Pyramids in Egypt). Because of this increased energy there is lots of celestial extraterrestrial activity. This cloud was in the area for days, maintaining the same shape. A bunch of residents observing this said they even seen the middle of it light up like a fireball in the shape of a Merkaba. 

    What are they doing here? Well if its not just a random cloud, then I'd say they are pumping energy into Mt. Shasta to amplify an energy field to assist Earth in raising our vibration, which we still have to try to align ourselves with and adjust to.

    The Earth's energy started to rapidly increase in 1989. Very soon it is going to be very quick and easy to make a HUGE energetic transition because of Earth's new, more resonant electromagnetic energy grids. The Earth's energy is raising, affecting the DNA of every creature no matter the physical conditions. Our DNA is 90% quantum remember! Our physical situation couldn't matter less. Our DNA will respond to the increase in energy and it will result in a vibrational Heaven on Earth where we can use vibration to form/shape/change/levitate anything if we posses the knowledge and Love necessary to align ourselves with Earth and the Celestial Kingdom. 

    Even before the energy grid shift you will begin to notice the effects on your physical body - huge improvements that simply require meditation! I think Earth was allowed to fall for experimental reasons. Our wars have provided a timeline of contrast between good and evil. The dark times are a necessary part of our whole divine education to be creators in the universe and beyond. 

    That has all had it purpose, but now its not useful anymore. Your heavenly father's hand is extended to you. Will you receive it? You've earned it. You have been willingly stepping through the portal, to crystallize and be born into new life. You have had countless lives to learn and grow, always excited to go back and see what this world has to offer. In retrospect, on the other side of the veil, it was perfect. They made sure it would be. Earth has been of great focus lately because we are involved in an accelerated learning experiment. The Universe does not care if lives are lost, because the soul and timeline experienced is never lost in the subconscious. It is possible many will die only to be reborn, perhaps here on Earth in the aftertime or maybe on another planet - energy is never destroyed  only transformed - your consciousness can be inserted into another body. The soul always lives on. When a body dies and the soul reunites with the Universe, it is the most beautiful experience a soul can have.

    Dr. Greer's Sirius CE-5 Protocols (Guidelines For Intergalactic Communications) ~
    The CE-5 Protocols consist of communicating with ET‘s using Thought, Light and SoundThought and Consciousness being the core principle but Light and Sound are also important in assisting the process and communication. The CE-5 protocols are most effective when preformed in a group setting but may also be used and practiced independently. Experimenting with these protocols is always a good idea, using trial and error and intuition but also understanding the circumstances. You can re-arrange the order in which tasks are preformed and how they interact. You can also have tasks being preformed simultaneously within the group. Having a broad and in-depth understanding of consciousness and the cosmology is also very helpful.

    Member Functions - Members of the group should have different functions. (Coordinator, documenter, security, equipment handler/care-taker, ect.)

    Member Function(Consciousness Based) - Transmitter, Receiver, Seer/Viewer, Intuitive, Knower, Someone sensitive to subtle energies, ect.

    Group Coherence - Very important. In fact, mandatory. People in the group should have a friendly relationship with together and be able to openly and easily communicate with each other and perform member functions together. Being ‘on the same page’ is the name of the game. Working together as 1 group, rather than a group of individuals. Like all the organisms of the body working together.

    Group Sharing - Putting together messages, feelings, visions, intuition, ect. Also working on ideas together and collaborating in field experiments and meditations. Talking about what you feel or see in meditation can be very important. This is often a way that the ET’s will assess the groups coherence to determine the level of contact the group is ready for.

    Sound - Broadcasting crop circle tones and other ET sounds over walkie-talkie(radio waves) into space.

    Thought - The most important aspect and tool for Contact/CE-5. Coherent Thought Sequencing(CTS), Intention, Deep states of consciousness, Remote Viewing, Remote Vectoring, Emotive listening, Telepathy, Dream-state contact, Sensing(through awareness) or 'feeling something', Advanced meditation techniques and more are all connected to conscious awareness and Thought. With Unbound Mind there is no limit to what you can accomplish, in the field or out.

    Core Principles For Peaceful Contact:

    - Being Centered : Being in a 'centered' state while initiating contact or while dwelling on CE-5 for that matter is a good place to start from. Contact can be very unpredictable and even subtle, and you will want to have a clear and calm mind in order to react in a manner that is safe and appropriate for both the ET's and yourself. Being in a centered state will also help you perceive everything that is going on as well. Manifestations may happen in the visible spectrum, or in the astral, beyond the 'Crossing Point of Light', in advance of what the eyes can see, yet you may be able to 'feel', sense, or see these things through your minds eye. In a deep state of peace, or quiet mind, you can better perceive manifestations on the subtle levels of reality and in turn react to them and communicate with the intelligence behind them. Achieving a centered state is fairly easy. Using breathing techniques, meditation methods, focusing lightly on your intent alone and letting your mind freely wander until it reaches a subtle realm of perception, or other (methods, techniques, forms of prayer, ect.)

    - Peaceful and Clear Intent : Making your intent clear and in particular being well aware of your intent should be something that is done before and during contact. Starting from a place of Universal Peace and building from there is ideal. You may also practice with intention experiments and also look within to the deeper aspect of Self and listen to see what intentions you may have that are not yet upon the surface. Some ambassadors have a calling to initiate contact, being part of there Dharma.

    - Recalling Past Contact Experiences : While this is not necessary, it can be a great help in connecting with past 'contacts' or beings you have connected with before. Going through a previous contact experience in a 'Flow Consciousness' type state, or even 'feeling' a previous connection you may have had with an ET Being can help you re-establish, renew, or reconnect with that being or civilization.

    If you're new to energy work you can go out at night and have them show you their lightships in the sky. Days you should definitely get outside and attempt contact (although any day will work if your feeling and purpose is right) ~

    Here are the dates in 2014 for the "Global CE-5 ET Contact" events:

    January 4
    February 1
    March 29
    April 26
    May 31
    June 28
    July 26
    August 23
    September 27
    October 25
    November 22
    December 20

    These are all Saturdays near the New Moon.

    Other forces at work:
    When HAARP was caught creating hurricane Sandy in 2012, the galactic-intelligent persons on the side of Love were doing some noticeable stuff to help. 

    -Vortex over mexico. This was shown to me by my neighbor after she checked the weather that day! It wasn't there when I went on an hour later but she took a screen-shot of it for me.
    I also know it wasn't human because it was placed over the largest density of pyramids in mesoamerica. Remember this?:
    This is what was happening that day on the Government's side. So I'm completely sure the vortex wasn't them, because many videos show their HAARP device doing exactly this:
    -They are sending probes into volcanoes and earthquake-prone zones so they can interveine and prevent a natural apocalypse.... If we are good little humans ;) ahaha (we are eternal sprits, you will laugh as soon as you wake up [die] and want to jump right back onto earth in a new body, or perhaps into a more advanced one like the new human/zeta hybrids  I've had the opportunity to meet a woman who has been in contact with them and gave them her womb for two months to incubate a hybrid. Then she met her child when he was old enough.

    Check out Nibiru in this video at 12:35. The rest of the video is about a bunch of other crazy news reports that support the notion that our Earth is changing one way or another!

    Nibiru Is Here (Certain Change Is Coming)~
    Other than the Sumerian predictions, this information appears in the ancient history of the Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec, Toltec, Iranian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Mesopotamian, Assyrian and Magian civilizations. 

    It is often called Planet X, or Wormwood in the bible, or Tyche by modern astronomers, and Hercolumbus by Zecharia Sitchin who translated 22,000 tablets found near the Dead Sea that support some stories from the bible and Qur'an - a true untainted scripture worth purchasing.

    The fact that this has been predicted for thousands of years, especially by the first recorded civilization on Earth we call the Sumerians, but has been hidden by our corrupt government and religious institutions, begs us to open our minds to these new sciences which have undeniable roots in ancient history.

    "Mystery Heavenly Body Discovered .. In 1983 and hit 5 major newspapers (NY Times, Washington Post and others), before it was pulled the very next day and not another word was heard. They later claimed that it was a mistake, but 'mistakes' don't get published in 5 major newspapers. There is overwhelming evidence to prove the existence of this planet that it is insurmountable; and the ancients knew it."

    It has been entering our inner solar system since 2003, it has been known about and covered up since the 1950's ( 

    When it leaves we should get a better glimpse of it. There are many races from many off-planet civilizations with ships here orbiting Earth observing this whole situation. The Russian Prime Minister claimed they know about 43 different races. If you look at all the unexplainable skeletons and skulls from around the world then this number doesn't seem so far off.

    Because of Earth's and Nibiru's orbits around the sun, we are in and out of times of visibilityThe light of the sun reflects off its atmosphere and then expands out as gravity draws it to all cosmic objects, including Earth. This makes it appear bigger than it actually is when photographed from inside our atmosphere.

    Something huge and awesome is happening soon! 
    No, I'm not a doomsayer. 
    You must understand our whole story!
    I'm just being logical and unbiased.
    Now that Nibiru is here change is inescapable.

    Change is certain; suffering is not. It's your choice  

    If you're in denial and don't believe things are changing one way or another very soon, you still won't have enough food and water storage... so consider energy work the other option of preparation. 

    Once this all happens, those who freak out will most likely be stuck in lower vibrations and won't Ascend unless they free their mind of fear and doubt.

    The only way to not be considered ready for this is if you are bringing all your fears and hatred with you. If you are afraid when you find yourself in this very bizarre shifting experience, all your fears and anger will arise and hold you in those lower vibrations.

    On the other hand, the plan for those of us in high vibration who have dropped our fear of the vast Universe is to become Light Active. So what does Light Active fully imply? On the most basic level (besides healing and other things I've talked about already) ~

    ~Being able to grow fruit and vegetables on plants within a matter of minutes by doing energy work and giving the plant's electromagnetic system (its spirit) the energy necessary to unfold.
    ~Being able to build structures to live within (pyramids and castles on the mountains) in a matter of days with the help and will of Mother Earth and star family.

    Our options are pretty limited at this point, it is either a future of mayhem and toxicity, or a beautiful, free quantum future offered to us by God.  

    The global elite's Bilderberg group, Agenda 21, FEMA camps in the USA, deliberate poisoning by Monsanto and the largest chain stores, spraying toxic chemtrails over the USA, deep underground military bases (DUMBs), new wars to set up puppet governments and a federal central bank... they want to completely control the grid and get rid of the "unworthy" normal population.

    Jokes on them, they are going to die down there! Mother Earth will shake the DUMBs (deep underground military bases) until they collapse.
    The destructive forces are clear as day, but I will leave you to research into the negative aspects by yourself, because I am only here to spread positive enlightenment.

    Now, I promise nothing else in my blog will focus on any of the negative aspects
     of what is going on right now. It really doesn’t affect our evolution, unless you choose to be distracted by all this and ignore the truth of the Universe

    There are other forces at work here and the side of Love is unstoppable. They love us and wan't us to make great changes, for it would be a waste of something huge with so much potential. Because of our divine DNA we are Children of the light just as they are. They say there is nothing to forgive for our history, because it was all just a part of the plan to learn, remember, and grow into a more complete piece of consciousness.

    Healing Circles:

    It is important that everyone has the same goal and mindset. Situations vary, but for anything serious it is recommended that anyone who can not relax, because they have a mind they can't quiet or tame, does not participate.

    A lot of the time it is necessary to involve these people and help increase the energy in and around their aura so they have break through healing experiences within themselves.

    The medicine is Love, intention, and breathing. You should have a vastly new understanding for each of those words if you've came this far.

    Breathing in the same pattern or doing the same internal energy movement is also recommended, but not necessary.

    Healing the sick:
    It is best if a conscious conduit of trust and love is established on their end, which isn't always the case. If the patient is unaware, the amount of Chi that you transfer when you make contact with the receiver's aura must be kept to a minimum.  That is, it should just be enough to stimulate their
    aura and no more. It must also be Yin Chi, that feels silky, euphoric and blissful.  Too much

    Chi striking the subject's aura will cause their subconscious mind to treat it as a threat,
    which will cause them to defend against the intrusion by closing the gate on their side
    of the subconscious mind psychic conduit.

    I have found that it is easiest to heal if the old negative, "diseased" energy is removed before one attempts to put positive energy into the body. I have found that energy, negative or positive, responds to human intention very well. Let's say a person has cataracts on both eyes and can't see at all. Medical doctors would say there is nothing that can be done except to have cataract surgery.

    From my view, it is only energy. I would reach down to the eyes with my fingers, and with my intention, I would get hold of the energy with my fingers and pull this old diseased energy out of their body. Different healers around the world have many different ideas about what to do with this diseased energy once it is out of the body. Obviously, you can't just leave it sitting around for it to become connected to someone else.

    The chi healers of the Philippines visualize a bowl of violet light that burns and consumes the diseased energy. Everyone has different instructions. The Angels told me to just send it toward the center of the Earth and that Mother Earth would take it and convert it into useful positive energy. It has worked perfectly for me.

    Everyone has different ideas about how to generate the healing prana or positive energy to put back into the body. Chi Gung masters pull the energy from nature. The Philippine chi healers pull it from the Sun. You have a special advantage, since you are learning the Mer-Ka-Ba, and you will be able to pull unlimited pure chi from the fourth dimension for this purpose. As you were shown, there is a sphere of prana two hand-lengths in diameter that surrounds the heart chakra, where the two pranic flows meet. During Merkaba activation, on the tenth breath, this sphere expands to enclose the human body, but the original smaller sphere is still there. It is from this source that one can get this Chi for healing. 

    So from this sphere around your heart chakra, you simply visualize with intention that this energy move from around your heart into the person who needs healing. It is unlimited, so as fast as you use it, it is replaced. You can see this energy moving down your arms into your hands and then into the person to wherever the person needs it. And it does not actually matter where this person is located in the world. You can send your energy to him with your intention, and it will be received.

    Once you have removed the diseased energy and replaced it with pranic energy, the last step is to see the person becoming healed in your own mind—and also (extremely important) see them healthy about three months in the future. You know it will be so.

    This form of healing is very simple, but it works. Remember, it is really love that allows the healing to come to pass.

    You don't have the right to heal anybody you want, even if you could go around and touch everybody and they'd be absolutely healed. It's illegal. This is a school we live in, and everybody's experience is their own experience, and they need it. You can't heal someone just because you want to or they need or deserve it. 

    You have to get permission first.

    You need to ask yourself/higher consciousness:
    1. Can I?
    2. May I?
    3. Am I Ready?

    We do not know what our actions are really going to do in the bigger picture. We all live in a cosmic school of remembering. An illness may be just what that person came to Earth for. Through this illness this person may learn compassion, and by healing him you take away that possibility. Keep your ego out of the way, and healing will come naturally.

    Extra Self Healing Tips:

    Acupressure & EFT Tapping If any part of your body is sore it helps to hold the nearest acupressure point on the red man chart - hold for 7 seconds. Tapping on one point is also very effective to relieve soreness and alignment issues. 

    Tantric Meditation - SACRED SEX:
    During Sacred Sex, the orgasm is not the Main focus…
    Staying in the beginning, allowing the passion to build, through eye contact, slow loving touch….time together..and then FEELING DEEPLY TOGETHER…is where you want to place your attention if you desire to experience SACRED Sex.
    A). It is very important that you do not abuse or give away this energy in negative ways. Lust and porn are lessons you need to learn to rise above. The power of your orgasm is undeniable. The energy released can be huge. 

    As the energies of transformation continue to intensify many old patterns are being illuminated both personally and collectively. One very powerful pattern is our relationship with and expression of our sexuality. Alternative lifestyles are becoming more accepted, LGBTQ people are demanding equal rights and achieving them and people are questioning and rethinking things like gender and sexual expression. However I personally feel that the realm of sexuality is still something that needs to be greatly upleveled and healed if we are to realize any real degree of personal and collective transformation and freedom.

    The energy behind our sexuality and what we tap into during sex is the single most powerful force we will ever encounter or have at our disposal as human beings. In occult contexts its called the Mars force or the Scorpio force or the Serpent Power (Kundalini). This force is the specialized manifestation of the Life Power of the universe in the human organism. It is the ultimate creative power having the power to create life itself. It is also something we have the power to control if we are capable of doing so. The problem in our society is this power is incredibly misunderstood and horribly misused. As a counselor I see over and over again the pain and trauma people have around their sexuality. Even though it is a life giving force, sexual energy when misused can be an active means of self destruction, distraction and addiction. 

    There are two things that have really caught my attention in terms of the abuse of sexual energy. One is lack of discrimination in choosing sexual partners. The majority of people don’t realize what actually takes place during sexual union on an energetic level. We can easily be deceived by appearances that sex is casual and is just a physical thing, no big deal. But when we have sex with another person the energy channels of our body and theirs become interconnected and there is an exchange of energy on multiple levels. There is no such thing as casual sex on an energetic level. This connection does not end after sex is finished, it can linger on some levels for days and weeks afterwards. 

    Even if we’re just having a casual encounter with someone, if we have sex with them, we take on their energy, literally. Not just their sexual energy but their emotional energy, thought forms and other energies that the person may be carrying which they picked up from external sources. Its not uncommon for people to experience illness, fatigue, depression, anxiety and other issues after having sex. We can pick up things from people in this way that can impact us significantly and take a great deal of time to be free of. The point I’m making here is understanding how significant it is to choose who we have sex with intentionally and wisely. We need to ask ourselves if we really want to take on a particular persons energy, if we really want to unite ourselves with that person.

    B). Here is exactly how to achieve the ankhing associated with the human orgasm. Whatever you do sexually before the orgasm is completely up to you. I am not here to judge you—and definitely the Egyptians would not, since they believe in knowing all sexual modes before you enter the King's Chamber to ascend to the next level of consciousness. 

    This is the Egyptian's idea. It is important to know that it is not necessary, but if you have to do something, it is better to do it in the best way possible. From the Egyptian's point of view the idea of ankhing is of paramount importance in achieving eternal life. Learning to use energy work along with your orgasm is truly The Fountain of Youth. 

    Sometimes I find it awkward to masturbate because of my channeling and energy work, other times I don't. You will have to decide for yourself if it is something you wish to practice. Again, it is better to do it in the least harmful way as possible if you have to do it. All that being said, even if you do plug your consciousness into the grids often, I don't see a problem with asking for some alone time.

    1. The moment you feel the sexual energy about to rise up your spine, take a very deep breath, filling your lungs about 9/10 full, then hold your breath.

    2. Allow the sexual energy of the orgasm to come up your spine, but at the moment it reaches the heart chakra, with your willpower you must turn the flow of sexual energy 90 degrees out the back of the body. It will then automatically continue inside the ankh tube. It will slowly turn until it passes exactly through the eighth chakra one hand-length above the head at 90 degrees to the vertical. It will then continue to curve around until it returns to the heart chakra, where it began. It will often slow down as it approaches its point of origin. If you can see the energy, it comes to a sharp point. When it approaches the fifth chakra from the front of the body, there is sometimes a tremendous jolt as it connects with this chakra- All this takes place while you are holding your breath.

    3. The instant the sexual energy reconnects with its source, take in the full breath. You had filled your lungs only 9/10 full, so now you fill them as completely as you can.

    4. Now exhale very, very slowly. The sexual energy will continue on around the ankh channel as long as you are exhaling. When you reach the bottom of this breath, you will continue to breathe very deeply, but a change happens here.

    5. At this point, continue to breathe a deep, full breath, but instantly see the sexual energy as chi coming from the two poles and meeting in your fifth chakra as before. Be aware of your entire Mer-Ka-Ba and feel this energy radiate into and throughout your entire lightbody. Let this energy also reach down into the deepest physical levels of your body structure, even past the cellular level. Feel every cell becoming rejuvenated by this life-force energy. Feel how this beautiful energy surrounds your very being and brings health to your body, mind and heart.

    6. Continue to breathe deeply until you feel the relaxation begin to spread throughout your body; then relax your breath to your normal rate. 

    7. If possible, allow yourself to completely relax or even sleep for a while
    afterward. If this is practiced for even one week, I believe you will more than under-
    stand. If it is continually practiced, it will begin to give health and strength to your mental, emotional and physical bodies. It will give great strength and power to your Lightbody as well. If it does not feel right for some reason, then don't do it.

    C). Other than ankhing, any other energy exercises I've talked about (chakra activation, humming, microscopic orbit) can use sexual energy and will increase the pleasure, and your vibration.

    Clearing Your Aura of Past Imprints:
    Pay attention to whom you share your intimate energy with. Intimacy at this level intertwines your aural energy with the aural energy of the other person. These powerful connections, regardless of how insignificant you think they are, leave spiritual debris, particularly within people who do not practice any type of cleansing, physical, emotional or otherwise. The more you interact intimately with someone, the deeper the connection and the more of their aura is intertwined with yours.
    Imagine the confused aura of someone who sleeps with multiple people and carries around these multiple energies? What they may not realize is that others can feel that energy which can repel positive energy and attract negative energy into your life.

    I always say, never sleep with someone you wouldn’t want to be. ~Lisa Chase Patterson
    Aura buddies?.. Seriously letting go of and clearing your past energetic ties and traumatic neuroprogramming is important.

    There are a few meditative ways to do this, but it's mainly about strong, passionate forgiveness and intent.

    If you can't visualize very well, use serious and meaningful mantras that are appropriate for your situation. A mantra is a sentence you repeat a few times with great intent.

    One such mantra is Hawaii's Ho'oponopono teaching, which goes something like this:

    1st, as if you were telling them personally, repeat this- "I'm truly sorry. I love you and I thank you for the life lesson. Please forgive me and set me free to walk an enlightened path".

    2nd, you must find that part of YOU that had a part in this incident. Contemplate, realize, and forgive that part of your mind that manifested this situation. Release yourself from it by repeating that mantra, this time with intent focused on the part of YOU that created their part in this situation. I promise it is in there, and you are responsible for it. The mistakes, the way things ended, the pain, the lies, the trust issues, the fear, the possessiveness - Something in you manifested that and you must realize it, learn from it and forgive yourself.

    If you can visualize at one level or another, here is a fine visualization:

    Place the person inside a blue spherical aura either in front of you or to the left of you; also imagine yourself in one. The distance of this image doesn't matter, you just need to picture an energetic blue string connecting your auras {& size doesn't matter, what ever is easiest for you; it can be more like a cord, tube or rope}. Cut it in the middle and imagine both split ends retracting back into the spheres of your auras and becoming sealed, then imagine both of you, in your sealed auras, happily going opposite ways. Love yourself for letting go, love them for giving you experience, and love the Earth, Sun and Moon for all they do for you energetically.

    !Don't hold space in your mind for this past, only think about right now, think about the mindset you must embrace in this moment forward to manifest the brightest and most productive possible future. That is true forgiveness.

    !Be graceful for life is about arduous experience. We didn't know better. Don't regret. Learn. Illuminate the present moment and forever shine your light on experiences ahead. Set our minds free to walk an enlightened path and find passionate, unconditional, true love at last.

    Or perhaps you can get sealed in a temple... 
    Is it necessary? Does it work? I can't call it. Worth a try I guess.

    Although, it is possible that your 
    lesson here on Earth is a solo mission.

    Non Toxic And Loving Relationships - 
    Unconditional Love Heals The Heart And The Body:

    This just about says it all about energy, Love and relationships.

    Self care is all about caring. Not just for you but for your loved ones, friends, and family and in fact the rest of the human race. The more you can be caring with others as well as being caring to yourself at the same time; you create a relationship with others that is in harmonyWhen you care for others, you give others the opportunity to care for you. Relationships include those in our personal life, our professional business arenas, socially with friends, with our partners, children, our pets, even with fellow motorists on the road. We are talking about any relationship with another, regardless of the length of time - be it a brief interlude or an association that spans decades, how we interact with others in a non-toxic way is an incredibly important part of our 7 Principles of Health.

    When you experience a sincere desire of your heart when in the company of another(s) you feel sincere, gratitude and love. It is critical that we have loving relationships in our lives. If you honestly believe that just one person loves you, it builds the neuro-immune response in ways that it doesn´t build otherwise that is how critical belief that we are loved is to our own health and longevity. If you happen to love that same person back, there is a multiplying factor that comes into play. There is something about mutually shared feelings that enhance the dynamics of the entire spinal cerebral mass and nerves that run through us.

    Non-Toxic and Loving Relationships are something we can experience physically through the neuro-chemistry of the brain working our emotional molecules so we experience it on an emotional level and spiritual level.

    Toxic Relationships Lead To Stress And Stress Leaves To Dis-Ease.

    Toxic relationships lead to stress and stress leaves to dis-ease.
    Uncontrollable negative emotions that come from toxic relationships are dangerous and damaging especially to the neuro chemistry of the brain that develops emotional molecules.
    An emotional molecule of anger is just as real as a molecule of calcium or magnesium and your body has to deal with it as you feel it. If you feel anger, then it´s you who is hurting yourself even if another is making you feel this wayDo what you can to relate in a caring way to all your relationships even if others don´t want to. You will at least be looking after your health. Being aware and understanding of others who may not be as willing and able to openly discuss or show gratitude and love in relationships helps us develop a greater repertoire of solutionsand ideas to offer and assist where we can. Take the time to focus on creating the type relationships you want for your own health.
    1. Learn to love yourself more by acknowledging what other people could do for you that would make you feel good. Tell them, so they can! And do the same for others!
    2. Take time out if you feel overwhelmed by negative emotion. In that state we can only react and usually put our pain onto others.
    3. And allow yourself to feel love more often with the people you can. They will love you for it.

      But more importantly

      Passion - Ignite Or Re-Ignite Your Passion

      Passion is the driving force of our life.
      We all love doing the things we love and are passionate about. They make us happy and true happiness can re-enliven the body and give us energy we wouldn´t otherwise have.
      Passionate people are healthy people those that do what they love are more vibrant and have more energy and are dis-ease free more than those who aren´t.
      If you know in your heart you haven´t found it yet, be passionate about finding your passion. Not only will you love your life more but you will be healthier while you are living it.

      Passion Gives Us Purpose

      Just like every cell in our body has a specific purpose, so do you.
      When a cell is able to live its purpose, which is to heal, clean and allow you to function at your highest capacities, you feel on top of the world, and when you live your passion and purpose you allow your cells to as well!

      It´s a virtuous cycle of happiness and health. Don´t let another day go by to start this cycle!
      Passion not only affects you, but it affects everyone around you. Not only will you affect your health, but the health of your family and friends as well. And passion is contagious so it will be reflected right back at you.
      What can I say, there´s no time to lose. The world needs more passionate people:
      1. Every day take the time to become a little more clear on what you like and dislike. You are probably going to like the opposite of what you dislike!
      2. When you find things that you are passionate about, do them or at least set the date!
      3. Write down your ideal day and everyday work on making your day more like that one.
      4. Believe that you can live a passion life. Declare how you want your life to be and affirm it every day. Declare you want a vibrant, healthy, passionate life!
      5. Make time every day to take action towards your passion or find your passion because no one is going to get up in the morning and be more dedicated to your life than you are.

    Water, water, water ~:

    Without Enough Water Our Body Falls Into Dehydration

    Most people suffer (and don´t realize it) from chronic dehydration. As a society we have lost the ability to recognize thirst from dehydration. Instead of drinking water to cure our dry lips, mouths and throats, we use lip balms, mints and lifeless drinks all which add to the dehydration problem. If you need another indicator to know whether or not you are drinking enough water, then the color and odor of a person´s urine is the last straw. Urine in a dis-ease free, healthy person is as clear as water and odorless. The reason for this is because the body is dis-ease free and it doesn´t need to expel toxins.
    • If you have a headache, drink water.
    • If you have the flu, drink water
    • If you have constipation, drink more water.
    • If you are chronically fatigued, drink more water.
    • If you are overweight, drink more water.
    • If you want youthful skin, drink more water. A baby´s skin is twice as hydrated as an adults.
    • When in doubt, drink more water!
    As simple as it sounds, drinking enough water every day will clean your tubes, renew your fluids systems and create vitality where other fluids cannot. Here are a couple of key habits that will make a world of difference:
    1. Drink a glass of water upon waking
    2. To electrify water the way nature does, pour water through the air - from one glass to another, or from a slightly elevated height above the glass
    3. Drink 1 glass of water regularly during the day until your urine comes clear.
    4. 8 glasses of water a day will be just enough for the average person.
    5. If you get signs of dehydration, drink water first!
    If you want to shift and stay in this body, the better the food you eat the easier it will be.
    I'm not going to talk about this much, but healthy food is very important and has a huge impact on how you feel and think daily! The better your food and water, the better you will feel. But like I said before, there are other multi-dimensional-energy-fields that are rooted in the DNA, and those are changing regardless of how low in life you are right now if you just choose to take in the vital life force energy being given off by the Sun and Earth.

    So you might be asking “what are whole foods?” Whole foods are wholistic foods. They are complete foods, full of life, energy and electricity.

    Whole foods from nature´s table are pure life-force and they assist in all bodily functions and over time and distance can allow the body to reach its highest mental and physical capacities.

    Surprisingly Most Of The Healthiest Foods (Whole Foods) Are Familiar Foods

    The Healthiest Foods are common ´everyday´ foods.
    These include the fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, as well as grain oils, herbs and spices that are familiar to most people. You don´t need rare super foods to be healthy!

    Whole foods are consumables that have not been highly processed, nor do they contain synthetic, artificial or irradiated ingredients.

    Whole foods through their electrical frequency (nutrition) are the only foods that can be picked up by the electrical signal of the body and used for cleaning, healing and repair.

    Capsules, supplements or drugs as an enhancement to nutrition and health do not work and over time are very toxic.

    In fact, as they cannot be registered by the body, they clog up the system and if they contain toxic substances (that have side effects), they are actually doing more harm them good.

    Stay away from GMOs as much as possible. You don't have to buy organic all the time, but make sure GMOs aren't providing most of your daily food intake! (I will show you why below) Your body is capable of using environmental stress as a catalyst for growth and transmutation, especially if you are connected to celestial energy often.  Moderation and celestial energy transmutation is key.

    So don't think GMOs are going to make you ill if you eat them, instead think that your body is going use a heightened electromagnetic energy to evolve and transmute anything negative extremely fast. Obviously this will work better if you practice energy work.

    Many studies have shown how bad they are! 95% of yellow corn is GMO. There is actually an app for your smartphone which will tell you if the product is GMO or not by scanning the barcode. Its called BUYCOTT. We must not support these evil men's agenda by being a fool and eating their poison. Synthetic spray-on pesticides are bad, but GMOs are way more saturated because the pesticides get produced in every cell. 
    Whole foods provide all the nutritional requirements of the body and cannot be substituted.

    Whole foods are the best way to get nutrient density into the human body.
    Among the thousands of different whole foods our world provides, each contains most of the nutrients our bodies need.

    Whole Foods are the Most Nutrient Dense Foods. Nutrient density is a measure of the amount of nutrients a food contains in comparison to the number of calories.
    Nutritional electrical frequency that the cells can recognise is what´s important not calories...
    By eating whole foods, you´ll get all the essential nutrients that you need for vibrant health, including vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, enzymes, fiber and much more -without the empty calories.

    Foodless foods and lifeless drinks which are full of empty calories eventually lead to dis-ease and you only need to look around in western society to see it.

    Body-building is better done without animal products and artificial growth hormones.
    A vegan body builder's great body will last much much longer than someone who has taken fake testosterone boosters to get their size. 

    So here is another valid method for

    Stop supporting brands/products that use Monsanto like your life depends on it! Because it does. 
    Use the iPhone app BUYCOTT!

    Why is sweet corn entirely crossed off this list?

    Yellow Corn has extremely high levels of BT toxin in every cell. I personally no longer eat corn or popcorn. Labs have proven that this toxin melts your stomach lining over time.

    Seriously, stop supporting Monsanto brands. Processed cows milk is also extremely bad for you. Even the milk at the supermarket that says: No Artificial Growth Hormones* ... Notice the little star. Then look on the back of the milk and in tiny print it says something about Rbgh not being a health risk. That is a lie. They pay labs to produce the results they want, then ban and prosecute other labs that try to find the truth. 

    Use the iPhone app BUYCOTT! 

    Consider challenging yourself to eat better for a month and see how much better you feel in comparison. If you quit fast food for a while and go back you will feel how negatively it affects your system.

    I also recommend you take vitamins, not the shitty stuff you get at walmart either. Take Omega-3- for your neurons (fish oil, krill oil, or my favorite is HEMP SEED OIL! - which provides more than enough with only a few table spoons a day, it is a delicious snack with honey). It will allow your nerves to fire faster and stronger.

    Find vitamins that don't have too many non-bioavailable metals, and also not a extremely over the top daily % of each vitamin. 

    Another thing is you pineal gland. Detoxing the pineal gland will make transitioning a lot easier. It is highly recommended that you drink clean water. Most of our water is poisoned with fluoride, which calcifies your pineal gland and causes bone/tooth fluorosis. Bottled water has BPA among other things like synthetic estrogen-like chemicals that can damage your body. 

    Your pineal gland has rods and cones like your eyeballs, and also has a nerve connected to your heart which powers it with electromagnetism. It moves Light. Even better it can connect our intent with the universe and pull physical objects or people together to manifest an outcome. It also releases DMT, which allows your nerve fiber to better attune to the fractal reality of the Light.

    A good natural heavy metal detox is Cilantro. Just don't use it if you are pregnant.

    One of the things the pineal gland also produces is anandamide, which is identical to THC. THC stops reproduction of Cancer cells. Which is why they put sodium flouride in the tap water because they want you dependent, disabled, non-spiritual, ungodly and want you to buy into the fake medical monopoly. Cannabis is extremely powerful and versatile medicine, juicing the non-psychoactive leaves gives you 10x more THC and can cure just about anything including very severe mental handicaps. They can't make billions if the community grows their own medicine. And they really don't want people to evolve, because yes, the science of Cannabis is revealing to us that it is a tool for evolution!! 

    At least go buy one of these and fill it up with water out of a Reverse Osmosis machine found in many grocery stores and health food stores. It is really cheap, usually something like $.25-.50 for a gallon, and 7 gallons will last an average (non-athlete in training) person a week and a half or two.

    Sadly most home filters you put on your tap, like Brita, do nothing to filter fluoride or chlorine. I heard most actually leak as they fill up, eventually raising the concentration if used for the recommended product life.

    Next to air, water is the substance we need most and give the littlest thought to. Water is a conductor of electrical current and it has an affinity with air so they electrify one another which is perfect for our electrical bodies.

    Our bodies are made up of 70% water.
    Our brain is 93% water and it needs to be re-hydrated and refreshed every 24 hours.
    Our blood is 83% water.
    Our muscles are up to 75% water.

    Water is the liquid building block that makes up our body and it needs replacing often. It is the liquid systems (lymphatic, blood and cerebra-spinal) of the body that carry all nutrients to our cells and remove all toxins out of our tubes! It is these two functions that determine our health, energy and vitality. Mucosal cells throughout the body produce mucus in order to capture metabolic waste and toxic residues for body cleaning, protection and healing injuries. When the mucus is dehydrated it becomes sticky and thick this is the making of PLAQUE. Not only do we have to ensure that these liquids systems are clear and clean through drinking sufficient clean water, but we lose about 1.4 litres (that´s about 6 glasses of water) of water per day just through perspiration, respiration and urination. This gives you a starting point to how much clean, fresh water is necessary to stay in a healthy state.

    Stop Drinking Alcohol:
    Alcohol is a neurotoxic manmade poison. Say goodbye to your resensitized nervous system if you drink alcohol often.

    Also –

    Isochronic Tones:
    These are made with a software that reads which part of the brain activates. I've been using them for almost 3 years and I really like using a variety of them every day! They are good vibrations to have resonating around you, and they don't even need to be loud to work. It is like energywork for your nervous system without actually having to do anything.
    Quietly listen to -

    IQincrease ~ while doing homework
    DNAMeditation~  while meditating
    DNAStimulationRepair~  after meditating
    ImmuneBooster~  if you are getting sick
    ChristConsciousness~  good vibes to relax to
    Little~  will stimulate your digestive system to help you lose weight.

    Consider a playlist to play quietly while you sleep for a few weeks. (while in the shower blast them loud though! Get some speakers, its really amazing) I recommend -
    Chakra Meditation
    Christ Consciousness
    DNA Stimulation Repair
    Earth Energy
    Nerve Energy
    Schumann Resonance
    Solfeggio Harmonics
    Theta 432
    Third Eye
    Religion –

    Just like our souls have no gender, 'God' does not have a gender either. That's because 'God' is anthropomorphized by Earth humans. Long ago, Organized Religion confused people of what 'God' really is. It is not some all powerful human looking being, that sits on a cloud and watches everything we do. God is an energy source.  God is PURE CONSCIOUSNESS. GOD is the energy source that makes up all life. GOD is created all Sacred Geometry, a grid to interact with The Creation. It's the energy that holds atoms together. It's what creates our real life version of The Matrix. Some call it Chi, some call it Prana, some call it 'The Force'.. But it's all the same. And IT IS conscious. It's just not how we typically understand 'consciousness' (because we are very limited by our language). This is what the ancients meant when they said 'God is everywhere, and in all things'.
    For years I fought against spirituality because I hated organized religion. It took me a very long time to realize that Spirituality isn't the same as Organized Mainstream Religion. Religion is merely the symptom of our disconnection from Spirituality and higher consciousness. Once you fully understand that, and start to learn about Chakras, life's inner energies, etc.. You can actually feel yourself evolving further. They REALLY did not want humans evolving their consciousness, which is why all 'mind expanding' herbs are illegal, and why mind expanding activities such as yoga, meditation and astral projection, are banned by many Organized Religions such as Catholicism. 

    The Merkaba is also mentioned in the Old Testament in Ezekiel 1:10. In the first chapter of Ezekiel it talks about a throne on its chariot, and how this throne of glory is a source of energy. In the Old Testament the word used for it was Mercavah. All passages speaking of the Merkavah in this sacred literature contain references to Angels.

    We are only now coming to the realization that the Bible has not only prophecies that are currently being fulfilled, but also hints at modern science. Some other examples: 

    -Jesus said "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single(pineal gland), thy whole body shall be full of light." Matthew 6:22. Which basically means learn to see electromagnetic fields through your 3rd eye and you can pull Light into your body. If you only use your normal eyes your perception is far from the reality of how the Universe works, limiting your spiritual power completely. 

    -Numbers 2:9 in the Bible tells us how many people were in the tribe of Judah, the tribe of Light. 186,400 ... which is how many miles light travels in a second.

    1. The Crucifixion” hangs above the altar at the Visoki Decani Monestary in Kosovo, Yugoslavia ~ it was painted in 1350
    2. This image is from the 12th century (1100s) manuscript “Annales Laurissenses”
    3. Image from the French book ”Le Livre Des Bonnes Moeurs” by Jacques Legrand, 1338
    4.”The Miracle of the Snow” by Masolino Da Panicale circa 1400 (right) from Florence, Italy
    5. This image is from the 12th century (1100s) manuscript “Annales Laurissenses”
    6. Broadsheet picture by Samuel Coccius illustrates many flaming and “large black globes”
    that were repoted to have appeared in the skies over Basel, Switzerland in 1566.
    From the Wickiana Collection, Zurich Central Library, Switzerland
    7. ”The Madonna with Saint Giovannino” Painted in the 15th century (1400s), Palazzo Vecchio lists the artist as unknown."

    Painting of Angels visiting Virgin Mary by Carlo Crivelli 1486:

    "The Baptism of Christ", by Aert de Gelder, painted in 1710 and hangs in the Fitzwilliam Musuem, Cambridge: 

    We all know the Holy Bible talks about love being the key to the celestial kingdom. That is true, and the authorities reigning for the past two thousand years could not change that and expect people to believe, nobody would follow a religion that didn’t promote loving. So they instead went through and made it seem like “light” is from an evil source (instead of a radiant energy from the Earth and stars that we should try to tap into). So now we have a bunch of stupid people who are afraid of sunlight... When really there isn't anything more powerful than celestial energy radiating from the Earth, stars and central galactic black hole. We now know this energy has many layers of particles we cannot see that are constantly interacting with the inside of our body (not just the skin). These layers all have very specific geometry! There are many ways the brain and heart can use this geometry, which is why this blog is so complex. We are stardust with similar geometry and layers of particles. 

    With only love we cannot perform miracles (obviously it hasn’t been working since they killed Jesus and suppressed his teachings). We are lacking ancient knowledge, star knowledge - it is the majesty of nature, it is scientific and natural, divine and conscious. Can you think of anything more powerful than trillions of stars and the being that created them? Love and electromagnetic celestial energy(light) together is truly the key!

    The Universe has coherence - there is amazing harmony in the ratios, forms and vibrations in our Universe. Chaotic energy has no manifestation power here, so the power to create in this reality cannot be used for evil! Nothing is as powerful as God. Performing miracles as a "child of light" like Jesus taught is all about connecting your heart to the EM fields of Sun and Earth while striving to align with your highest purpose. It will not work for unpure hearts. Now in this new age of advancing technology we are noticing with our science and math that this all adds up. Not only does it support what Jesus did it also explains the thousands of similar pyramids found on every continent from ancient civilizations - celestial energy and geometry allows us to align with the Divine Creator, our Heavenly Father.

    The Freemasons were not evil, nor the Egyptians. The chaotic energy is only in your head, it has no real creative power here like most of us have been fooled into believing - one example of this trickery is how only scary, satanic hollywood movies get funded, never anything even close to the truth, and its not because there isn't a amazing, true story to be told on this subject... It is an awesome story full of many astounding scenes! There is confusion about all of this because the Freemasons and every other religious organization were infiltrated by the group calling themselves the "illuminati" in the late 1700's. Despite their self-given name, they strive for the opposite of being illuminators who bring in the celestial Light. Just like they put an opposite, negative mindset on the swastika and Solomon's seal (Star of David). The super rich are very capable of getting into and out of anything they want, but are not smarter than the smartest keepers of knowledge. These stupid people even tried to teach us in school that egypt was built by slaves, which is an impossible feat and does not match up with the messages they left. 

    The story goes that these 13 families, who murderously controlled valuable resources from the start, decided to inter-marry in an attempt to keep power in the group and eventually rule the world. Interbreeding like this will increase genetic mental disorders and STDs could spread like fire. They now own something like 94% of the world's corporations. They are stupid, literally very unintelligent. They make a lot of mistakes, they only care about maintaining power and money, and they are trying to patch up holes in a sinking ship that keeps getting more holes in it. They also pay people a lot to make up a lot of disinformation, so watch out for websites and youtube videos that try to first apear friendly but then just try to scare you by feeding you full of unnecessary assumptions not backed up by facts or research.

     I recommend watching this video about an anti-illuminati book published in the late 1700's that quotes letters that were confiscated from the founder of this evil organization. Letters from the founder of the bavarian illuminati said they planned to infiltrate the freemasons, book shops, military academies, colleges and everything else that had influence and information. This group was discovered by authorities back in the 1700s when they first got started, but they had a plan to revive their invasive efforts. That plan was to get in bed with the bankers.
    Where did the illuminati come from? It seems that they were and still are European bankers, and perhaps all roads lead to Rome. The Vatican seems to have had an evil role in this whole treasonous development. They own almost every large corporation, and are poison makers who like to experiment to say the least. I'm not going to really talk about them much more because its better to ignore them completely. Where your thoughts go energy flows. These negative thoughts will be easy to avoid with the insight in this blog. Its time for a change, a huge change to defeat a huge evil, a victory simply pulled from inside of us, from inside our DNA - it is 90% percent quantum you know. We will rise above their influence no matter how low in life we think we are right now.

    Despite their attempt to kill the truth and ancient secrets, they have been successfully passed down through the centuries - always hinted at in temple murals and architecture. These symbols have been passed down often without meaning or instructions, just deemed important for some reason. The whole truth must have been passed down in doctrines given to only the most trustworthy members of these secret societies. These true spiritual societies were kept secret because the members were very enlightened men trapped in an unconscious world far from the critical spiritual-mass needed to bring it out of its slumber... The wrong people heard through the grape vine and have been frantically trying to buy, divide and conquer. 

    This Free Energy Device confirms the
    mathematical vortex inherent in this symbology –

    The heartless criminals who run the world could solve every problem if they wanted to. The 100 world's richest people alone could eradicate world hunger 4 times over with their combined money (only 1/4 necessary), and this is in our current economic system. A new system is not even being pursued other than concept deigns by unfunded freelancers, very promising concepts such as the Venus Project! They control 95% of the money and don't plan on funding anything that messes with their grip on everyone and everything. Are you still wondering why this is unheard of to you? You've probably looked no further than your eyes can currently see.

    Many leading edge scientists have designed everything necessary for a utopia. A physicist named Nikola Tesla knew about Zero Point energy and how to harness these universal particles to power cities and cars OVER ONE HUDRED YEARS AGO! We would no doubt have flying cars using electromagnetic harmonic resonance by now if his work wasn't shut down by J.P Morgan. The system our cellphones and other devices are tuned to right now aren't made to be harmonic - for example they use 440 Hz instead of 432 Hz (check out "432 Hz cymatics" on youtube if you don't understand what I'm talking about). This most likely uses more power, but the banking cabal has a multi-billion dollar monopoly on limited resource energy. Tesla's work was harmonic both in vibrational tuning and in its physical design. Suppressed Scientific Evidence Proves Free Energy Source Dating Back 25,000 Years. 

    Tesla invented the first radio, radar and he even had a car that ran on this energy. This tower was able to broadcast the electrons of rushing water in aquifers to run a car. This website other also talk about other types of free energy cars.
    Imagine if everyone had free energy that was pulled out of the electromagnetic field. All cars, planes, computers, cellphones and everything else could be running on this "Zero Point" scalar energy for free. Besides the free energy devices that have been on the horizon for a century, we have also come to a crossroads where a whole new socio-economic system is more than ready to emerge! We have the technology to make everything free and miraculous. Cities, houses and transportation of the future.
    Socialize... Capitalize... Which one of those sounds more appropriate to build a society around? One geared more towards ALL our people. Or one where a few businesses can capitalize and buy up almost everything.
    It is a terrible thing. We all know these politicians get paid off, yet we do nothing. 

    Why do we not use the internet to propose government funded developments and projects. Why do we have politicians when an internet based crowd sourced government system could get EVERYONE involved at lightspeed. 

    Our taxes don't even pay for roads, education, or to fight fires, they go to the military-industrial complex, mostly the CEOs. They also have a "black budget" they don't tell us about.  We should get to vote on projects.

    The first American revolution was over a tax of less than 5%. Now we are paying 25 - 50%. The Federal Reserve isn't a legit part of the government and all our taxes go to them, and it is obvious this group of bastards are trying to poison us and take over. They don't think there is enough abundance for everyone, but there is! There can be! We The People need to be heard. The government is supposed to work to help us in the BEST POSSIBLE WAY. Anything less is treason. We should not be the government's enemy.

    These 650 people should be in jail for treason.

    Russell Brand gets real about drug addicts and the real solution:

    No but seriously...
    They are out of control!

    We can figure this MESS out if we know who is promoting it! 

    Illuminati banker David Rockefeller admitted in his autobiography that he is very proud of the secret "cabal" of darkness they have been working towards for the past few hundred years:

    Instead of having low taxation, low money borrowing rates, money for schools, and money for social projects ... we spend money to kill people and make even more people poor.  The Federal Reserve gives our tax money away to these guys -

    This racist, elitist family is the root of the entire problem-

    FEMA camp coffins... Google/Youtube it!

    And I was just reading about the 'drone' tech they've been building at DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) before I randomly seen this picture. They're developing technology that is computer run, and can target people via heat signature. If it sees moving heat, it shoots at it with amazing precision. 

    If you think they aren't going to use this technology on us, you haven't been paying attention. They openly admit this technology will be used for not only war, but crowd control at home. I wonder how many important issues we could fix with the money being spent on building things like Drones and killer robots.

    And this lady has all the "Freedom of Information Act" documents on her website about the "soft kill programs" which have been going on since the Nazis came over to America!

    Random fact: The Keep Calm poster was originally created by the British Government during World War2. 

    And obviously this information is my way to fight this neoconservative system set on enslaving or killing off the population...

    ... We are billions, they are few, seriously less than a thousand. Congress, senate, and the WH. Vatican and British royals. Rockerfellers and Rothschilds. This makes them very vulnerable... They don't want you to realize that though. I pray the problem  be solved internally by some of them having a change of heart. They all need to go to jail for a few years until we get this resource based, free energy, libertarian world economy sorted out. I can't fight, I still feel like a kid! Even more so now that I'm becoming a child of light. The daily wonder and the splendor of new energetic fascinations while playing in the field is like being a kid again. 

    Iceland's economy and people are doing better than ever! The government is supposed to serve us, and they are doing the exact opposite but telling us its what's best. They can't hide behind lies for much longer.

    Earth was given the right of self governance thousands of years ago. As long as we don't try to change anything things won't change. If we organize, reform and inform the world, then and only then can we ask and receive open relations and advanced help from our star family. The evil forces on Earth and Earth based. So many people have been talking about extra-terrestrials for so long that this group of people have started getting ideas on how to put fear into the system about all of it by saying they are the only ones in contact, with evil aliens and the devil. They say God and the forces of light don't exist and we are all doomed. 

    My point here is that positive, progressive change is only going to come when we The People of Earth find the right solution. Acting as a channel for universal energy is the most natural and powerful way to connect with creation, and creation is consciousness. This hidden path to abundance appears to be the solution given to us by our ancient star family, EVERYTHING ELSE IS BEING PREVENTED AND COVERED UP. 

    Please be my guest to change our world in other positive ways if you can, but until then I will be doing all I can spiritually do. Either way, it isn't going to be automatic, we must organize our communities and work for it. "Energy work" and free energy electromagnetic devices are the eternal answer to all our problems! We are here right now experiencing everything as it is, as it was predicted, just to push along the fall of one obsolete system and usher in the exponential rise of another - EARTH WILL SOON GO GALACTIC, or die. These are the answers humanity needs to be free, these are the ways of the star beings. 

    If you believe in any religious figures or the enlightened masters, who told of a spiritual utopia in the making, I encourage you to call upon them, call upon God and any ascended masters you are comfortable with before you practice any of the exercises I'm going to teach. Heavenly father, Jesus, the Apostles, the Holy Ghost, Virgin Mary, Isis, Buddha, Maroni, Mormon, Krishna, Muhammad, Inanna etc... Their energies are imprinted in the Earth's gird. Just remember to have reverence for God and all. Pictures of masters you feel you have a connection with make for powerful meditation partners and guardian Angels. But you should know that practicing this out in the sunlight and touching Earth with bare feet is better than being inside in your livingroom or a shrine!

    The Egyptians called their practice Khem, the Freemasons knew it had to do with electromagnetism and God, others perhaps describe it as geomancy, alchemy or white magic, Reiki, Theta, Quantum Touch, 12-strand DNA Activation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, martial arts, kundalini yoga, sacred dance, or now we are calling it Energy work or Lightwork. This is a natural enhancer for anyone and everyone who wants to go deeper on their spiritual path. Light is another all-encompassing name for electromagnetism, even solid matter is energy condensed to a slow vibration, and our body/mind connection is set up to work and play with the energy and information in it. I promise it gets unbelievably joyful and fun! The energy of Unconditional Love is something that can make your whole body feel amazing, and the Earth and Sun radiate this frequency like you can't even imagine until you splash into it yourself for the first time. Instead of floaties to wade in and take a swim, you need a resensitized nervous system, because we are dealing with rushing conscious energy particles, not rushing water. 

    Besides all the people who die and come back after experiencing the other side, many of us remember details from our past lives. I have come to remember much of what Lemuria was like. You can learn to travel timelines too. Have you ever wanted to go see Mozart perform his loveliest symphonies? Or witness the building of the pyramids?

    Read Full Article:

    The Universe - Psychedelic and Holotropic:

    Now I want to tell you about the events in my life I've learned the most from.  (lots of pictures and videos again to make things more interesting).

    This guy could probably just go back to the skyline in his mind and not only see it, but move around in it. What if Autistic people are just always "remote viewing" and exploring timelines? They seem docile, but what if they are living in visions and memories of the past. When the person is interacted with, the consciousness isn't able to respond and the biological processes fire into survival fight-or-flight mode, then they freak out and put up a fight. I know this guys drawings have something to do with the electromagnetics of our pineal gland (3rd eye). We have the potential to see past, present and future with our "second sight". Our pineal gland literally has rods, cones and a lens like our regular eyes, it is our 3rd eye for real. Except the lens is facing upward. It takes in celestial Light.

    I was born in 1991. In 1989 the Earth's natural electromagnetic energy started to increase, starting below 7 Hz, currently over 12 Hz. The kids born in this time were not only affected by this, but also affected by the technological revolution. The EM fields from electronic devices increase energetic radiation, and our bodies are resilient enough to evolve when exposed to both bad and good energetic radiation. These kids were first referred to as the indigos, crystals, or rainbows and most of them have unbelievable and sometimes crazy stories. Mine isn't nearly as awesome as most of these kids, because I didn't have a spiritual influence growing up, but kids that had such an influence are doing extreme things. Mine is just strange, and full of both bad and good lessons.

    My mom had to get her tubes untied to have me. The youngest sibling in our family besides me is my sister who is 10 years older than me. My mom had a dream where she was holding the hand of a blonde hair, blue eyed boy walking down the street. Two years later I showed up. When I was born I had the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck to the point it was cutting off my oxygen, so they had to perform a emergency c-section. 

    I really should be dead right now, I've been close to dying about 10 times. Crashing, falling, sports injuries, hospitalized with spinal meningitis, swine flu, and other severe sicknesses. The whole right side of my body has injuries, my lower back, upper back, shoulder, neck, jaw and hips are all messed up from various injuries. One of my legs is about an inch longer than the other and I swear my heads not on straight. LOL Not to mention my brain from drinking for many years. I even have these crazy stretch marks on my lower spine area what I think are from wrestling. Daily vibrational self healing is the only way to keep my back, shoulders and neck from hurting all day long. Sitting in class all day I would always have ridiculous back pain. It is my karma from all my lives I must learn to clear and overcome, I'm an old soul and embrace a challenge. Always and forever.

    I've basically grown up with mild bi-polar disorder, tourettes syndrome, ADD and a bit of Aspergers, so felt many types of weird throughout my life. Now I don't think I am all that weird compared to many people in our crazy society. I really think we are all meant to be a little crazy in our own way. I was very introverted, many blocks in the flow of my energy body hindering my personal expression. I don't believe in any of those "disorders" now though because I've realized people who are mentally unstable or who are weird compared to what I would call normal only act that way as a result of some factor in their environment. There are many ways to transition out of just about any disorder or disease, like diet, excercise, herbs, energy work. The truth is all these disorders arise when life force energy is being expressed disharmonically. When i'm in tune, my sensitive body is something powerful and divine.I was used to feeling, usually it was bad. Now I am good at feeling the good, and it has changed my life. It is only a problem if the energy isn't being expressed in a meditative, spiritual, electromagnetic, or quantum way, which is probably like 99% of people in America. I agree that we all have these capabilities, but many handicapped people have ended up doing extrodinary things. They are usually only good at that one thing though, like playing the piano, or muliplying huge numbers, or being unusually strong. They have the potential to become the most amazing energy workers around. I just think we are mislabeling something special, then drugging them up and showing them they will be far less intelligent compared to everyone else their entire elemetnrary through highschool life, instead of showing them how to expand their consciousness in a non-academic environment. Never judge anyone, instead just watch, learn, and then help in the best way for that situation. 

    One night when I was 3 years old I fell out of this ~20 ft window.
    Apparently I leaned against the screen and it gave away and I fell. Thank God I had missed the boulder, sidewalk, window well and stepping stones - I landed right in the middle with all these surrounding every side of me. I didn’t break any bones. I had this scratch above my eyebrow and a swollen lip but I didn't have a concussion. I didn’t remember how the experience began, how it actually happened, or being in the hospital. When the paramedics and my parents were putting me into the ambulance they asked me if I knew what had happened, (while blacked out) I told them “There was a magic carpet and the Angels carried me down". For years I doubted I had really said that. It is not so hard for me to believe now though. Accessing the Akashic records the subconscious keeps, I was struck by a memory that seemed more like time freezing and having a conference... It was a thought package and vision that went something like this, "There is a lot to learn here in this life, in this one expression you will have during the beginning of the technological era that is filled with hate, poverty and violence; this one life just before the peak of spirituality when science merges with Source. You've got some challenges you've never faced, and karma to clear which will mean injuries and lessons. In the end it will all make sense." 

    I've had some other strange experiences I didn't quite understand until recently. When I was 13 years old I attended an event where a man was bending spoons with his mind using what he called psychokinses. Just an illusion? Well he picked my mom out of the audience and had her cup her hands with a spoon laying in between. He didn't bend the spoon, instead he twisted it at the neck 3 times. Twisting a spoon is hard enough with your hands... And she didn't even feel it! We still have the spoon today! My mom sounds like a mystic right about now, having the vision, taking her kid to see psychokinses. She has never meditated, grew up in a little farm town, is a Mormon so is a believer in God, but she refused to hear my side of things until I wrote this blog.

    I didn't have a quantum understanding back when I discovered Nibiru about 5 years ago,  so I began to wonder if maybe those Angels that "carried me down" were actually just advanced, libertarian persons from an off-planet civilization. I still wasn’t convinced Angels existed. Only recently, after learning the whole truth, did they visually confirm to me that they are here and they are quantum Light persons, a piece of God's energy, wise, higher vibration souls that are connected to everything.

    The information contained in this 5 minute video is very important to clear up any misunderstanding pertaining to what I'm about to tell you next.

    Last month I met these quantum Light beings, Gaia and other spirit ancestors - the Family of Light - in a DMT ceremony with a shaman. Hold up a second, I know what you're thinking, but the funny thing is I already knew almost all of what is in my blog and videos before meeting the shaman! I knew I was supposed to meet him before I even knew who he was or how I'd find him. My inner universal guidance quickly manifested him into my life. He didn't get me into anything unknown; I know more than he could even imagine, because he has never researched anything about Chi training. He even claims he hasn't ever read anything about spirituality; he started like a true, old school, plant shaman home grown in Peru. But then again, i've never done herbal Ayahuasca tea so he knows more than I could imagine. He said he's done over 50 ayahuasca tea ceremonies. He is a very powerful healer, extremely psychic and truly a lovely person!

    DMT (the main ingredient in ayahuasca ~ and if not brewed into ayahuasca tea it also can be extracted from plants into a pure crystalline form) is naturally produced by the pineal gland and secreted to the brain while sleeping, which is what puts you into energetic REM sleep and into the dream realm. They call it the "spirit molecule" because it activates your energy-body, and you also can experience spirits from higher vibrations more clearly. There is a documentary on DMT you should watch on Netflix called DMT: The Spirit Molecule. And basically everyone who takes it sees the same energy vortex that activates and launches them into the experience. The documentary describes how it activates our neurons in the most biologically basic, yet energetic way. Not surprisingly everyone brings back the same messages from spiritual beings. Every spiritual practice until recently has used plant medicine for enlightenment. This compound is naturally found in every mammal, and many plants. It activates some important energy in our quantum DNA that isn't normally accessible without years of consistent mediation.

    Many Universities' studies have admitted that Whole Drugs are very beneficial when used properly and moderately. Properly being in ceremony with the energy of the Universe.

    This video talks about a study of edge perception after taking psilocybin, and I can attest to the studie's findings. Senses on psilocybin are just overwhelmed! The amount of information we miss in day to day life due to our practically narcoleptic state is unbelievable!

    I've read a recently published book from Peru, written by scientists who went and studied/interviewed many shamans, and shamanism has to do with clearing and purging bad energy and cell memory, and then invoking the DNA energy grids of certain animals and ascended masters for protection. I've read accounts of shamans in Peru who invoke the Virgin Mary, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, and others who use Eagles and Jaguars.

    DMT and other "Entheogens" are also proven to be neuroplastic, meaning this energy activates your neurons in a way that they are programable and grow to form new connections and become thicker and more dense a lot faster - yes these are a tool for evolution! Or if you take them and unknowingly program your brain in horrible environments such as at parties and raves then you are going to be lowering your level of consciousness and picking up all sorts of bad energy! If you wan't to know more about tryptamines on a scientific level I suggest checking out this book that explains how psychedelics allow a back door to reprogram the energy that has been imprinted in our neurons throughout our life.

    Our brain usually thinks linearly, but psychedelics make our perception become non-liner, which we now know is the way of the universal consciousness. So, psychedelics really allow us to perceive what is already there in this fractal universe, rather than our brain just making it up (you seriously will never see a dragon in your kitchen ~ an energy being from another dimension maybe, but not something that isn't really there in one form or another). Psychedelics are not harmful if used properly, they are actually unbelievably beneficially if you use them to program your neurons to do energy work and align yourself with the radiant energy from the Earth and Sun instead of programming your brain with negative experiences such as parties or raves.

    “Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behaviour and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.”

    Each "Entheogen" has an electromagnetic soul grid around Earth. Humans, crystals and every other species living have their own too ~ the more complex the being the more developed the energy field. When their DNA interacts with our DNA our grids open up to one another ~ and beyond, to the energetic Source of these grids ~ The Source of All that is, The Divine Creator, Our Heavenly Father, God. It has many layers of functioning energy systems, some we recognize as aspects of our subconscious, but most aren't perceptible to us in this human form.

    Studies have shown each of these Entheogens make ALL of our Neurons become more energetically activated, so I'd call them Whole Drugs, as apposed to Half Drugs that rapidly dump only one specific Neurotransmitter ~ an overload of dopamine with cocaine for example, instead of getting a balance in your entire body that can act as one energy system to raise every cell in your body's energetic DNA vibrationThese Entheogens change your perception while activating your Neurons in this way, and all of a sudden it is obvious that everything is connected. You feel it like never before! These teacher plants will teach you about celestial energy and unity, and they will even teach you to teach yourself about Unity, that way you don't need the plant teacher prior to the expansion it gave you. This experience of expansion also allows you to feel other energy systems much easier. 

    Entheogens allow us to perceive reality for the Energy it really is ~  conscious, connected and multidimensional.

    Some seeds and spores travel through space. some form on Earth ~ this one old guy explained that this is why some mushrooms give you a really earthy experience, and why others are very etheric and spacey.

    These plant entities are very vast and old CONSCIOUS spirits that will teach you and show you things the Universe needs you to see, which apparently can even mean a bad trip to make you realize how badly your life needs to change. 

    They teach you things, and also teach you how to teach yourself! That way you won't need them anymore. Yes, rewiring your brains with new conscious programming is possible, and these plants are the backdoor to programming it! They aren't necessary, but boy do they help you transition from beginner to intermediate, and intermediate to advanced! They are plateau pushers, neuroplastic nerve fiber growers, "thinking thing" expanders.

    I've never had a bad trip, I've never done drugs... Except for DMT once with a Shaman in Peru ~ I had prepared for months by doing at least 2 hours of meditation every day. Then four weeks after that I was meditating around Mt Shasta and was able to manifest with my heart a fleet of 8 real Lightships and Merkaba Beings ~ they looked distinct from each other and did all kinds of crazy stuff ~ they only showed up after I whole heartedly reached out so I know they are who we know they are based on the history of Humanity (Atlanteans, Lemurians, and other worldly beings with stronger DNA, which can harness more Light at once and connect to Source, Earth and other celestial energy sources better). I interacted with them consciously and energetically, it was beyond intense but was so enlightening! We have help, my friends! And my foes, you can be my friends too though.

    Thats why the Earth dictators are so afraid of us having them, how can you control superhumans?? The government first probably thought these superhumans would be dangerous and destructive. They tried to use LSD to create super soldiers and it didn't work. It works, just not for combat. It works great for progressing your ability to heal and co-create using intention. Professors at Universities who have access to laboratories say these same affects happen with micro-doses. You don't get to see the glowing auras of rocks, plants and people like you do on a full dose of a tryptamine (i.e. LSD) but your neurons are still more energetic and able to grow and expand the connections you focus on throughout the day. They say take 1/5 the dose. They say .3 grams of mushrooms made into tea would be ideal for a few hours (of energy training/kundalini yoga). Just boil a cup or two of plain water on stove, take water off stove, throw them into water and cover and let sit for 30 minutes (without putting them back on the stove).

    Overall I did 13 hours of ceremonies with a shaman, only 15 minutes of which was in a psychedelic state. DMT doesn't last long because the body knows how to process it quickly, while also allowing you a back door to program your consciousness. So this short ceremony was the night we purchased our meteorite cores, (which turned out to be from Nibiru, and are unimaginably powerful when holding one in each hand). During this ceremony, meeting the quantum beings, wasn’t like shaking hands “Hey how are you doing” type of thing. It was more like "we are here for you, here inside of you, and we have things to show you." That’s an understatement. Words don’t describe it, but I decided to mock up some pictures. My computer generated renditions of this do it no justice because it was all moving so intensely and the feeling was really like being engulfed in 5th dimensional photon plasma made of Celestial Love and electromagnetic Light. There are parables in the bible describing how heaven is hotter than hell, it wasn't hot but rather intensely energetic, because everything is energy! Heaven is the most high! I was completely in this plasma, they were completely in me, pulling negative energy imprints out of my nervous system, and then aligning my body and mind with the Celestial Energy Source. Before I explain all the places I went on my adventure into the energy realm, these pictures are the best way I can explain to you how the whole experience felt.

    So yes, it was very informative. This experience provided me with knowledge of what is really out in the Celestial Kingdom. For anyone who hasn't experience psychedelics this might seems scary. It isn't! It is nature at it's finest! Reality at it's most basic. Nothing about this felt unnatural or frightening... It was like being HOME again!

    My DMT adventure in chronological order:
    It would be better if I could animate a video to show you what happened because this whole experience was moving and interacting with me, it felt more real and looked more dimensional than what we call real life.
    1. Normal
    2. The energy waves of this dimension started to reveal themselves as my body's energy raised,  then my consciousness was sucked into a portal...
    3. the vortex created by my Spiritual Ancestors. I was completely in there, in this real electromagnetic world, and it felt like an amazing and intense healing circle. I could feel the energy flying through me, pulling what felt like thousands of terabytes of negative programming per second and replacing it with celestial vibrance.
    4. then they took me into the tunnel of light a.k.a "the intergalactic subway system" coming to Earth, explained in the video clip down below of the young lady Wahkeena Sitka speaking.
    5. My 3rd Eye palace, where I was told I should learn to create my spinning Merkaba. The ancestors and Gaia were introducing themselves. They took on about 5 different forms, from looking like Jesus to looking like pure energy.

    6. Then the last one is when I thought I "threw up" when the shaman pulled a "demon" out of me (what I would describe as negative neuro programming blocking a chakra vortex, he removed what felt like thousands of gigabytes of disharmonic data). My whole vision was just explosively white with moving energy for about a minute. I blacked(whited) out. At first it felt like vomit was coming out my mouth and nose in a explosive release but it wasn't scary, just very unique and interesting. I've noticed the difference ever since, I no longer have a creeping negativity in my consciousness, and perhaps it was an entity trying to troll me... What has been known as demons are just dense vibrations that have stuck in the electromagnetic programming of some of our neurons during past traumatic experiences - they cannot manifest themselves in our harmonically resonant creation, but they can get into your thoughts if you aren't conscious enough.

    If you enjoy watching TED talks I suggest Googling "banned TED talks" for some other good ones.

    Here is another good one about the faults in Mainstream science that hold us back intentionally. So yes A LOT of people are waking up. Letting their preconceived, indoctrinated thoughts crumble with divine realizations.

    Four weeks after the first pilgrimage I decided to go on another vacation, to another spiritual place. People are really into the oneness and spirituality in these places which is why I decided to go back; both trips were life changing, catalyzing profound growth within myself. Also during the 4 weeks between these two vacations I meditated 3 hours each day, at the very least. Three hours was usually just my main session, not even including the routines I did before I went to bed. Anyway, the last night I was there on that second trip, sitting outside looking at the stars with a shaman and two healer friends, I consciously asked the Angels to prove this was real...

    I reached out telepathically once more and asked them to "ride the Light" and a few seconds later a perfect ball of light appeared in front/above us, only about 100 feet in the atmosphere, moving slow with no tail. I could feel their high vibration like no other with my body and see a bright blue energy with my pineal gland. It came towards us and then after about 10 seconds it disappeared directly above us. Within 5 minutes we had seen 7 balls of light in the sky. A pair side by side simultaneously came from behind us, this time resembling shooting stars by leaving large streaking  tails across the entire night sky, and the rest actually put on a show for us in all heights of the atmosphere, zipping around at all speeds and using multiple patterns. We were yelling with excitement, it was up in the mountains and nobody was around, and I was vibrating like never before. 

    Do you really think I would have been willing to figure this out and write a blog for the past year if I'd didn't have proof with my own eyes that these beings can be consciously summoned with love and star knowledge! God sent Jesus to make us want to get spiritually involved with Her/His creation, and to remind us to be looking out for divine signs and synchronicity. Now he has sent us a revolution led by 144,000 birds of paradise... I've been saved by them many times.  

    These higher conscious beings from the Cosmic Celestial Source (also known as Angels, Beings, of Light, or The Star People) have been making appearances all over the world for hundreds of thousands of people to see. They want people to wake up and realize they are here for good, peaceful reasons.

    So yeah, now I feel more and more each day like I'm becoming this...
    Or this.

    Here is another recent example of one of my many synchronistic events. After coming back from these spiritual festivals, I was interested in a new musical instrument called the didgeridoo, which is basically a tree that has been hollowed out by termites and "sings" when you blow into it. It looked cool and I liked that it vibrates intensely, so I talked to a girl about it and she told me to check out Astarius on youtube. Its pretty funny to watch because the hyenas, lions, tigers and bears love his didgin! 

    But the profound experience that came out of this is more important. Over on the “recommended videos” there was a video of a young, cute woman with the title “peyote visionary story”. I had never searched or watched anything like this. Turns out she was greeted by our ancestors as well, and they took her into the same tunnel of light I experienced in one part of my visions (#4 above). She says they told her “this is a preview of a subway system coming to a planet near you”. 

    Here is part of her video:

    These beings are definitely the Angels that saved me. They are quantum extraterrestrials made of consciousness and really are the angelic presence we have been encountering and calling Angels forever. They are Angels in the most awesome sense, they are quantum star beings! They are one with the conscious energy system that created the universe. In fact we are them and they are us! This whole Earth is just a temporary school. :)

    Figuring it all out has been a huge test of patience. It was worth it because now, more than ever, knowledge is power. Once I realized the truth, the guidance and synchronicity was marvelous, Loving and accurate; yet the feeling is beyond that! 
    definitely didn't react properly at first.
    Sin is pain, pain we carry around with us, but we are free now, free to overcome that pain and liberate ourselves fully! We must all learn the ways of the Celestial Kingdom for this change to take place on Earth.

    My good friend in this video did not come with me, but when I came back he came over to meditate with my medicine wheels. As soon as he walked outside he looked up and seen a very large and close, slow moving "shooting star", with no tail. He was in awe... I asked him and he said it didn't look like a meteor, but like the slow moving ball of light, exactly like I had seen the day before when I seen 8 of them after asking them to "ride the light". This was an energy being!

    My medicine wheel is made of crystals and magnetic metals, and now feathers, potted flowers and plants. Medicine wheels represent the Earth at her finest! Medicine wheels, big and small, have been used by all the tribes around the world since the very beginning, making the vibration of this symbol very high. The outer ring holds space for the magnetics of the Earth, the inner ring holds space for the electricity of the Sun, and the piece of silver in the center holds space for Jin, the fusion of the two.

    These feelings, visions and vibrations have a very positive effect on me. They make me a good person. I hope I've helped show you the way to an endless progression of divine guidance so you can prepare for expansion.

    "I will live with them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they will be My People." Corinthians 6:16

    So you better have a smile on your face when the crew comes rolling through!

    \ /\ /
    | | | |